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Future Mellaerts
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i used to make a list of possible questions and the answer to that and than study that never faild with me and i was really lazy about school stuff to it's easy fast and you learn more out of it greetings virginie x
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my son came to get me when an older kid hurted him by accident we played and jumped for about 5 hours and i was not aloud to leave the jumpingcastle :-) he was so cute mommy to the rescue!! he was standing there warning everybody that he braught his mommy and chasing everybody away that came to close to HIS MOMMY :-) this was so much fun i feld like a kid again only now i was SuperMommy
Apr 30, 2011
thank you for the note on my video! and you are truely blessed he's a real cuty keep sharing the love :-) x virginie x
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Mar 19, 2011
music is my passion! to me it does'nt only sound good, it's a passion, a cure and most of all the best way to express yourself! when i'm angry i wonna shout it out on linkin park when i'm feeling down i just see what pops into my head first this keeps me sane and free of all bad toughts that keeps you in a dark place! just try it and feel it!!! xxx virginie Continue reading
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Mar 9, 2011
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Mar 9, 2011
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Feb 16, 2011