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Southern California
“To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak”. Indian proverb
Interests: Dancing, west coast swing dancing, ballroom dancing, lindy hop, music, poetry, fiction, writing, astronomy; HEROES, NCIS, The Mentalist
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This definitely has a great feel and look to it. The uh, only problem that I'd suggest is fixing one thing.. Maybe they did this on purpose, but am I the only one that thinks it looks like Hiro's line of sight is straight at Claire's cleavage? Which is of course completely out of character for Hiro... and I'm not a girl that normally notices that type of thing, lol... so, seems pretty obvious to me... just my two cents... Rockin' the evil smirk as always Zach...
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To not have been so afraid of love and ruining it, so that I drove "him" away. No second chances now with him.
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