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Mel Nunn
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Bravo Suz.... I just don't get the Gun culture in America. Even if they started with reforming the semi automatics, we might see less parents mourning their babies.
I love those cards! Here is my layout interpretation:
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2012 on Sunday Sketch at Studio Calico
I love being on the ST with you Janelle, you are such an inspiration!!!!
I love it! Can you come on my retreat this weekend so I can steal your mojo?- oh and you can find me all the opshop bargains too ;)
Hi Camille, you book is on my wishlist, but after being spoit for christmas I have not bought a copy as yet. My dream is to be a leader in education. I just finished my course and i am a fully qualified high school teacher in the area of science. I have not been able to find work yet though which is dissapointing. But I know that I will make my way into a school and I plan to make a real difference in some kid's lives. I want to do some further study while teaching, perhaps a Master's degree. I hope that my research can help other teachers improve their teaching. I would love to present my findings at education conferences too. So, that is one of my dreams ;) I just need to get a break and find myself in that first school! Congrats on the Amazon #6!! Mel xx
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Jan 17, 2011