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Yay for the power of social media! The autism community spoke up, and Chili's listened. Liz, you were a huge part in helping so many express their discomfort in this partnership. Thank you for everything you do. Stop protesting a contest that is designed to save lives. All you have to do is read up on trends from Europe to see what the true efforts of anti-vaccinators cause. An increase of vaccine-preventable moralities among children. I'd rather deal with the low risks of vaccines adverse effects and the higher risk of hospitalization, and brain damage from contracting these dieases themselves. Please educate yourself on the truth behind vaccines. They save lives!
She had received the polysaccharide vaccine, that provides protection against four of the five disease strains for only three to five years.It's not that the vaccine didn't offer her any protection, that original vaccine requires a booster to prolong the immunity.
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May 13, 2011