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"If we could believe we are deeply connected in the fragile places, we could drop the games. When you tell me the truth about yourself, I no longer hide from you. You become safe for me. So guess what? You are now a recipient of my truth too. I am drawn to you. Your vulnerability makes a path for my own. Your truth-telling says to me, 'I will not despise, judge, or abandon you.'" Sometimes we get scared and we stop telling the truth. And, when we are living in real community, we don't have to be afraid anymore. Our people will love us. And, our people will begin telling the truth more and more if we lead them by telling the truth." This is so good, I can't even ... Thanks for attempting to live this and encouraging others to, Beth!!
This is great beth. I so miss you...your insights...your authenticity... Sure wish we could go to lunch soon. So thankful for YOU!
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Apr 5, 2012
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Apr 5, 2012