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Thank you for the insight. As a student teacher, I've been overwhelmed by the amount of testing I have been preparing for with my mentor teacher. Between the new DLM testing, CBMs, the district's new testing initiative (SLO), and testing for IEP meetings and re-classifications, the testing is really piling up! It was really helpful to read your account of the mid-year testing slump and see how you focus on the important data that can be collected and applied in the classroom.
I loved reading about your process for thinking through a frustrating day. As a student teacher, I often find myself at home replaying every interaction and/or lesson that could have been better. I'm glad to have read your post and seen a model of constructive reflection. I think your comments about changing curriculum demands and perceptions of atypical behaviors were fascinating. Thanks!
Thank you for the post! I love your holistic view and focus on abilities instead of deficits. The post really resonates with me as a student teacher in the high school setting because every student comes with a HUGE file. At the same time, many are just beginning their high school journeys with all the growth and change that entails. As a teacher, I hope I will be able to give students the opportunity to grow by getting to know who they are in my class instead of defining them by their files.
Thank you so much for the post! I am a student teacher preparing for my first round or parent teacher conferences. I love your suggestions for providing multiple avenues for communication and will be implementing some of them in my classroom.
As a student teacher this fall, I like how your article demonstrates how active reflection is a tool I will be able to use to improve my practice even after I graduate. For me, it was a great example of real world goal-setting. I really like the question you sent home to parents asking what they want their children to achieve during the current school year and will definitely ask that question in my first classroom this spring. Thank you!
Thank you for the overview! I cannot wait to attend my first CEC convention. I am especially interested in the resources for making IEP goals relevant to transitions. As a student teacher in a high school, I have become very concerned with looking towards students' transition goals and preparing them for post-high programs.
Thank you for the post! I am a student teacher and my first IEP meetings are coming up next month. I like how you were able to recall your first experience as a parent attending a meeting through the lens of a Special Education professional. Having read your post, I be sensitive to the amount of professional jargon and acronyms that are used. I love being able to hear about the process from the point of view of a parent and look forward to reading the rest of your posts.
This list is a great compilation of all the best ways to stay grounded during the daily pressures of teaching. The first piece of advice is especially relevant to me in the high school world because students come with an overwhelming amount of information in their files and I want to remember not to get bogged down by that information or use it to assume what students can or cannot do. I love the point of bringing it back to data to determine students' strengths and struggles.
I love the fact that there is a conversation about reassessing how student groups are designated. I've been disheartened to hear students referred to as "1's" or "the low and high groups" and think that a goal-oriented naming convention could be really useful and respectful of the reality that student performance varies student by student on a daily and weekly basis and not just by ability group.
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Sep 5, 2015