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South Jersey
full of artificial sweetener
Interests: music, candy, animal crossing, nintendo, fun, nintendo ds, shadow, harry potter, pink, penn jillette, sharpies, beauty, blood, pirates, art, nintendo ds lite, retro, web design, tori amos, nine inch nails, industrial, young frankenstein, edward scissorhands, hello kitty, evanescence, tim burton, trent reznor, dresden dolls, junk food, johnny depp, labyrinth, criss angel, nin, hugs, tiny things, scary movies, ugly, slipknot, toast, katherine moennig, penn and teller, rubber duckies, rasputina, pee wee herman, lucky louie, black nail polish, frogs, eyeliner, post-its, jack off jill, the l word, killswitch engage, dexter, pink ipods, apewolves, super elastic bubble plastic, pervism, spinal muscular atrophy, marmite, the dresden dolls, stalkers, andrew w.k., acne, red on white, keroppi, pervie stalker, yellow submarine, mariokart, sticky notes, crazy straws, pink and black, herself the elf, pink nintendo ds lite, pixi, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, kitchy, hamster love, syrian hamsters, chinchillas, Wally, harry, hey cavey,
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