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Mar 15, 2010
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Sep 17, 2009
Re #4: this is actually explained in Dorothea Brande's "Becoming a Writer." She says the momentum comes from the desire to tell your story to someone. Once you've told someone -- even just told them ABOUT your story -- that desire is satisfied. Hence, no more motivation. It's a great book. Written long before we knew anything about right brain/left brain, the book explains exactly why you have to keep "generating new content" clearly separated from "editing/criticizing content."
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Even better is The Gallery Of "Misused" Quotation Marks ... better because of the hilarious comments about each mistake. Example: The sign by the deposit drawer outside my bank says: Please "Do Not" deposit cash. I wonder if this is why my checks always bounce? Comment: If you deposit cash anyway I'm sure your account will be "credited."
It's just possible that reading glasses will help. I have age-related far-sightedness, and I started needing to use reading glasses for reading a few years ago. I wear them when I'm at the computer (all day) and they help a lot. In fact the other day I forgot my reading glasses and worked at the computer all morning and my eyes were blurry the rest of the day. For me, the trick is to use the lowest power I can get away with. Higher-power reading glasses make my eyes more and more far-sighted (and the higher power, the closer to the screen you have to sit.) Right now I'm using 1.25. Dry eye could also be a factor. Hope your eyes feel better soon! Good luck!
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Wow, I have to save this one, it is wonderfully written! Good job!