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Liebesgedichte für deinen allerliebsten Schatz Liebesgedichte von Herzen Skip to content Datenschutz Ein Text über die Liebe Impressum Liebe, Lust & Leidenschaft – so knistert es lange in Ihrer Partnerschaft Liebesgedichte Liebesgedichte – Verzeichnis Liebesgedichte Liebe Online Shop Partnerschaften Webmaster & Seitenbetreiber Liebesgedichte – Verzeichnis Seiten Datenschutz Ein Text über... Continue reading
Poem "last ride" by the poet author Kurt Tucholsky 1890 - 1935 On my death - I will not do it - because it will be at noon red fruit jelly, with a rich, white cream layer ... Because of: favorite dish. My child, Ludolf, drills, small things from his... Continue reading
Top of memories in poetry now available in english Continue reading
Poem "reachable" You're just like a star ... So unattainable, beautiful .. That is why I like you ... You look only at the other ... You do not notice .... Does not fall on you .. I love you! It was so nice to talk to you, laugh ...... Continue reading
Poem "Six Months" six months and I still could not get through zusammenzureißen my courage and to tell you I really feel for you six months I am tormented by the situation somebody to love where I know he loves me not as I would like half a year I... Continue reading
Poem "Please just hold me tight" When you hold me in your arms I can forget the pain! Your touch makes me feel okay. Your tender kiss, it let rest my head... When you are by my side it makes live worth lifing! So please just hold me thight When... Continue reading
Poem "Without you" It was the longest time without you Ad I don´t know how I pulled through I don´t know how to forget you I just can keep trying I never thought to lose you But now it happend... So many nights I couldn´t sleep While I cried for... Continue reading
Poem "…Naked Soul…" You know how I feel, You of when I cry, You dry my tears, And you hold me thight When sadness overcomes me. You show me love And make me hope When others bring me down. You catch my fall You raise me up, You heal my... Continue reading
Poem "My darling" I lie here in bed - alone. Unfortunately you can not be with me! I'm lying here bored Why does my heart cry so? You are currently using so far away from me - All these many miles separate us, But I know my heart is in... Continue reading
Poem "You" I sit here by candlelight, and think of you alone. You're so far away, you in my heart, always with me. Would you like but only here with me in my arms at night. What have you done? This is my heart so aroused? You are my angel... Continue reading
Poem "A voice crying" A weeping voice so loud and helpless from a corner at home where no one hears them. a weeping voice you are sad and without help neighbors, friends and the rest your famille can not hear you no one can hear your voice and your cry.... Continue reading
Poem "My fear" I need you, your voice, your presence, Without you I feel alone, leave The old fear come back, it takes me back to the old situation You are not so I know but it takes time until the fear is gone! * Melli * 13:10:02 Continue reading
Poem "Dreams" When I lie in bed, I dream a dream is so beautiful. This dream I spend with you I feel your tenderness, the breath of your words if you tell me softly that you love me. You stroke my body, kisses my skin. Your voice is beautiful, warm... Continue reading
Poem "You are my life" You are my life! You're there and I here! The two of us and yet we do not! I care very much; although my heart is often fell down. You're the one my dreams come true, allows We both eventually build us a nest. I... Continue reading
Poem "The Year" by the poet Friedrich Rückert Author 1788 - 1866 In a country I should like to live, Where the nature of penalty Hinwandeln can be carried redder zones Of the year non-advanced course; Where, after the winter rains A long summer is fixed And also feel people... Continue reading
Poem "There You Are" It's a wonderful feeling To know you exist In all this crowd of people Are you a focal point for me. I know I am safe, fictitious in your arm I feel your breath, tender and warm. In moments like these, you're mine Without disturbing other... Continue reading
Poem "The Little Happiness " How is it that my breath away My heart beats a little faster? If you come, I notice, and smile I mean, that you caress me with his eyes. It warms the soul and is a wonderful feeling! And in all this crowd of people... Continue reading
Poem "The Silent Despair 'm lonely among these many people. You do not see me, they run past me I want to cry, call, send signals. My mouth is open, but he escapes no cry. The desperation makes me dumb. How should I also do understand I do not own... Continue reading
Poem "The dance of feelings" This feeling, it came out of nowhere! Surprisingly, yet longed for, it was there And sought to focus the light. The ideas came thick and ibid. There were still recent silence, resignation! Now it is vibrating, and whispers of a thousand violins Clowns tumble and... Continue reading
Poem "What does the lonely tears?" Author of the poet Heinrich Heine 1797 - 1856 What will the lonely tears? You spoil me so the view. She remained in the old days In my eyes back. She had a lot of bright sisters, They are all melted, With my pain... Continue reading
Liebesgedichte für dein Schatz, Gedichte Hochzeit Valentinstag Sucht ihr Liebesgedichte Gedichte für dein Schatz. Schöne Gedichte Liebesgedichte für jeden Anlass Valentinstag, Hochzeit, Verlobung, Jahrestag Liebesgedichte für dein Schatz, Gedichte Hochzeit Valentinstag Sucht ihr Liebesgedichte Gedichte für dein Schatz. Schöne Gedichte Liebesgedichte für jeden Anlass Valentinstag, Hochzeit, Verlobung, Jahrestag Shoppen im... Continue reading
Poem "Feelings" Emotions live and grow They want to take them and give. They fill you up and revive They are warm, confusing and deeply One can not deny they do not deny You enter your ego, they want to unite With the other self, they become WE Your hands... Continue reading
Poem "Nightly Paradise The feeling of your hands on my skin Your desire, your tenderness Raise me in infinite heights and builds For me, a castle in the air, high and wide In the heaven of bliss. I closed my eyes and imagined me tonight Your body by my side,... Continue reading
Gedicht "For the days" For the days you feeling lonely For the days you feeling sad I´ll be there for your comfort And I´ll listen to your fears For the days you need a shoulder For the days you need a Friend I´ll wipe away your tears I´ll lend you... Continue reading
Gedicht "A Girl like me" When I´m looking in the Mirror I see a girl so sad. And pain is what she feels, love she wants so bad. Every little mistake, she can´t forgive it yet! Her thoughts are flying through some ways She wont life like that! When others... Continue reading