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At least it was leather and beige...
Both Allure Homme Sport and Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme would make wonderful Axe/Lynx scents. And seeing a surfer as the model of a Chanel ad campaign is to me the equivalent of seeing Mademoiselle Coco in spandex
These days I smell bitter orange trees releasing their first blooms. Spring is definitely here!
I am shocked! I tried this and thought it is one of the most unique lavenders I have ever tried but I never noticed the price tag. Ridicilous! I just read that it is a Yann Vasnier. This man is a genious!
I think the aninalic aspects in a fragrance reach further in the subconscious. Smelling Our 27, which has a similar note, for the very first time seemed like an extremely and unusually familiar experience.
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2012 on Good Bad Smells : Fragrance Talk at Bois de Jasmin
I really cannot understand why that smell was etched in my mind... Do you have any ideas....? I do not mean to advertise (and feel free to edit this) but I have written about that smell and my memory associations in my blog.
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2012 on Good Bad Smells : Fragrance Talk at Bois de Jasmin
If anyone is interested I have found a perfume which smells exactly like my old filmstrip projector. Surprisingly enough it is Tom Ford Urban Musk. What freaked me out is that in my comment above I used the words "urban musk" to describe the smell. Apparently I had subconsciously recalled testing UM and although I didn't realize the similarity, I had registered it. Seeing a tester just triggered the recognition!
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2012 on Good Bad Smells : Fragrance Talk at Bois de Jasmin
Sables is an unexpected choice but not really. Deneuve is an unexpected woman.
I have the same problem with ambers and Ambre Sultan is my perfume nemesis. Ambre Precieux is completely different. Do try it!
I guess with some bloggers following a needlessly aggressive marketing strategy some defensive mechanisms are justified. I believe however that being open is a strategy that pays off. Le Labo is the only house (to my knowledge) that has officially admitted to and explained reformulation. I think this is an example for all perfumers.
Ambre Precieux is THE amber for me. MPG is one of my favourite houses. I haven't got around writing about it yet though. It seems that the house has a noble policy of not targeting bloggers (which I admire) but I have also found from personal experience out that it can be needlessly defensive. Anyway there will be a lot more about MPG coming from me.
Thanks NancyG. It could be lignin warmed up by the projection bulb. It had sinked into the metal paint and it has a faint note of halitosis (a la Oud 27).
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2011 on Good Bad Smells : Fragrance Talk at Bois de Jasmin
I have another strange smell and I would appreciate it if anyone could help me identify the source. Back in the 70's when I was a child(.....) we had this grey heavy projection machine. It would take films of celluloid but it was projecting stills, not movies, and of course no sound. We had rolls of films with cartoon stories. There was a button on the side that you had to turn to get from one still to the next. The smell of the inside of that machine was amazing. The other day I was walking past an abandoned shop and this smell hit me again and reminded me of my childhood. It is like some sort of clean, urban (as TF would put it) musk. Anyone know what I am talking about?
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2011 on Good Bad Smells : Fragrance Talk at Bois de Jasmin
I love the smell of mildew or wet basement! Gasoline! Cheap leather! Mushrooms!
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2011 on Good Bad Smells : Fragrance Talk at Bois de Jasmin
I think Serge Noire smells a lot like burnt matches, Have you tried this?
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2011 on Good Bad Smells : Fragrance Talk at Bois de Jasmin
Definitely truth! I do not anticipate any dare from the note description.
It is so refreshing to read such a positive review for this one. It seems Serge Lutens is the house everybody loves to hate these days. Everybody hates their ethereal florals which in my opinion are by far the most beautiful florals I have ever smelled.
Ever since I got a sample of this I decided that it is going to be my Xmas present to myself. There is the discussion about anosmia to musk of course but I find nothing offensive to this. To my nose it is just warm, salty, unsweetened musk. And not that spicy at all. I cannot see the similarities with Musc Ravageur which to my nose is exactly the opposite. Expect a review with the New Year.
I am speaking for the guys here, so I would love to see more wood and leather amd a bit less "Bleu" if you know what I mean... I would also like to stop smelling generic fruit notes in perfume, And it would be great if someone got a little imaginative and inventive with names so that we had no more "Gucci by Gucci" naming disasters..
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2011 on Fragrance Trends : Your Wishlist at Bois de Jasmin
Living in a hot climate and not being a huge fresh scent fan I am actually looking forward to cooler days to wear practically all of my perfumes. Especially Vetiver Oriental, Ambre Precieux, Black Tourmaline, Black Aoud.
Sure friends and family like advice on perfumes but that's it! They usually say: "I ran out of cologne. Which one should I buy next?" and it is really hard to explain to them that it is better if they talked a little about what they like in perfumes and when you do convince them to talk most of the times they don't have the words so there is a lot of guessing involved in my suggestions. When the conversation shifts to how many bottles I have, that's a different story. Anything from awe το mockery. The inevitable question: "Do you wear all these?" (a favourite analogue to "have you read all these books?")and the even more annoying "How much have you paid for all these?" (... as much as I want to, you poor bastard! Have I ever asked you how much you paid for all that booze you drunk last time I saw you?). Support I get from my SO and fellow fumehaed friends. From all the rest all I am asking for is not to poke me with a stick like I am a weird animal in the zoo.
I finally managed to write about this on my blog. One of my favourite iris scents. A big "thank you" to Yann Vasnier for giving us this one.
Actually I like Kelly Caleche very much but I will have to re-try it under this light. Thank you for the suggestion.
Ines de la Fressange is a style icon but I wouldn't take her perfume advice without questioning. You know the classic argument: if you are not wearing the same outfit every day why should you wear the same perfume? I haven't smelled her eponymous perfume but I don't remember it getting great reviews either.
I have just tried VdO and although it isn't groundbreaking in its note list it is extremely interesting in the way it develops. Hardly the classic top, middle, base notes. It feels more like abstract notes focusing on a carnation illusion at some point and then open up again to something more complex. And it has the fresh floral quality of other Serge Lutens creations. I was really impressed by the development.