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Ah, pieces fit together. See this google cache of an old blog post. Hang in there for the autism piece:
Ok, we need Public Health Spartacus. A way for PH professionals to get the word out, with many allies. A protected mechanism to get issues to the allies, who will Spartacus them. PHS anyone? How can we set this up?
I understand and respect Rene's decision, and the encouragement to *not* email/call/harass the employers. However, it would be great to be able to turn this into a discussion of how to support our allies in public health, and encourage outreach via social media--in general. What can we do to support and enable them to do their jobs better? And with some non-traditional reach to twitter/blogs/etc? And to protect them when they are assaulted by cranks?
I saw that exchange yesterday and I was horrified. It is irresponsible of those employers to let the anti-vaxxers succeed at this. At this time when social media is so key to messaging--silencing credible and credentialed voices is exactly the wrong thing. It actually has bothered me a lot that the public health community isn't out in front of social media more. This is a very sad story.
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Aug 20, 2011