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This is a cool truck getting the respect it deserves. Good work and exceptional choice on the wheels. I'm a dyed in the wool GM guy too, but I'm confident enough in my tastes that I can give props to well done Fords as well without feeling my caruality threatened.
I wanted one of these when the reports first came out saying they were coming. I was ready to put up with "functional" styling and a third rate cabin to get a small, efficient, diesel in a practically sized four door pickup. As I got to know more about GV and their history, I hoped that Mahindra corporate would become more involved in the process. I didn't see this crazy turn of events coming until it had already started and I'm glad they didn't actually ever get any in. I might still be willing to consider one when/if they get out of their own way, but I can't help but think they've missed their window and that a Chinese product will be in this niche in the US before Mahindra can get product here. Too bad.
Clearly, if you think that somehow the USA is more rough and tumble, tougher on trucks and all that than South America, Mexico and Africa, you slept through geography, anthropology, history and most of your other school courses. Small, efficient, cheap trucks like this have a place in those markets because they're small, efficient and cheap. If you think that there aren't enough Americans interested in small, efficient and cheap pickup trucks to justify bringing these in, then you'll also agree that Ford has no business selling the Transit Connect in this market (despite the fact that they're selling all they can bring in). Anyone remember the VW Rabbit Pickup? They didn't sell all that well, but a frighteningly high percentage of them are still on the road 30 years after they were sold because there is an, albeit small, part of the population in the US that this sort of vehicle makes sense for. I work for a Cadillac dealer and we're selling SRX's by the fistful, but Escalades aren't moving. Why? Oh, that's because "real 'mericans" only want big, body on frame mamby, pamby unibody crap. Not!!!
I'm pretty excited about the new GM HDs, but, even as a former 2500HD owner, I'd be happy with any of the three (GM, Ford, Ram). Just seems to me that, for some people, truck brand preference is like religion. No amount of banter, facts, experience or anything else is going to change their minds. Truth is, the new PowerStroke is an all new engine with no track record, good or bad. The Cummins has been on the market, as is, for a little more than a year and the Duramax splits the difference, being based on a proven engine, but with, I think, 60% new parts. At this point, it's a crap shoot as to which is "best" (if there could even be such a thing).
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May 25, 2010