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FESTLER=> You've done a good job at showing why your part of the world is so much more intelligent. => "you think you own world you do whatever you want you bomb whoever you want" Huh?...English please. Take a deep breath and type slowly as you think. "i think you will have many punishments in the future what you see in new orlans is just the start" New errr Orlans (as you so eloquently put it) is a punishment from the great Hurricane god? I guess we can call you Nostradamus now. The great and wise Fester predicts Hurricane Katrina is just the start and the all wise Fester is correct...Ophelia the great and terrible storm will now disallow "400 pound negros...burgers and soul food" just as the great and wise Fester predicted. All praise to Fester for he is great and wise. "america is a fat fat country" as in phat...America is PH-phat nargle. All hands in the air...
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2005 on Bush World's Biggest Hurricane at BlameBush!