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And, from what I've seen in trailers, the pathetic myth of maidens adroitly wielding 10lbs swords in long gowns cutting knights in mail left and right.
As a Brazilian myself, I couldn't agree more with the punch line at the end of the quote. However, it should also be weighed against the backdrop of the 70's and 80's. In Brazil as in America, still gorging in the sexual revolution and against the common-sense mores, the Church was already being abandoned, not only by the well heeled, but also by the poor, who enjoyed premarital sex and adultery as much as any other economic class. Not that this contradicts the result as expressed in that punch line, for those few faithful that still yearned for Jesus became ever more frustrated with the Church in general, not finding the food that they longed for. May Our Lady of Aparecida pray for Brazil.
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Dec 23, 2009