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Very interesting post. Prior to leaving, CMS-Test integration was one of my projects. For big corporations with custom CMS like (61M users a month just in US), there aren't a lot of optimization offering out there willing to work with us on a tightly integrated solution. A javascript tagging solution that have to go else way for process simple algorism, just didn't make sense to us. We have to duplicate the entire chain of content production, localization, testing, deployment and analytics out-of-band separately just to work within the limit of third party vendor. Not to mention additional development resources to make code JavaScript and make sure it doesn't break very complex and dynamic web pages. Now multiple the problem across 200 countries. We also have internal tagging system, now add another set of tags yet again for testing. We end up selecting Webtrends Optimize for their willingness to work with us for a hybrid solution. The solution works beautifully and allowed us to seamless program testing as part of content creation process, so easy even a marketer can program their on test, not saying it'll be be easy to plan for a test but mechanics are no longer a challenge. We use Webtrends UI and Analytics reports but install allocation servers within our data center, make API calls to these servers that in turn make "homing call" to read a test set up and allocated, we then sent analytics data by the minutes via private VPN feed into Webtrend's analytics engine. Before I left, we were near completion to make our internal targeting engine work with testing as well. Anyone not on Adobe's stack should take a look at Webtrends Optimize if you are interested in this type of integration.
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Congratulations! Change is good. You'll get to work on longer term projects and deeper commitment.
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Scott, great post. CMO who doesn't realize this is going to get left behind. My particular division is structured similar to what you suggested here, but our focus is really data and analytic. My group serve both product management and marketing (my team). Our sole focus is to provide marketing data by working internal and externally (separate analytic team sits within marketing work on campaign ROI). Think of us as technology/product management group for marketing department, we define all the requirements, innovate and work with engineering/IT to execute and deliver. Sort of like a Oreo cookie, we are the cream in the middle with marketing and engineering on each side. It's extremely difficult to hire technologists who understand digital marketing.
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Apr 18, 2010