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Max and Anne J in reply to Max, you both hit the nail right on the head! He voted against the very interests he spouted he believed in prior, because his machismo (ego), was more important than any other factor, and kept him from voting for a such a highly qualified female for president. The thought of a woman capable of doing a better job, in another profession long dominated by males in USA, (and not only breaking the glass ceiling to the presidency but likely outshining those who had gone before), was just too much for some of these good ol' boys. Nevermind the GOP was never going to let DEMs to have another first by having an excellent woman who cared about everybody, follow right behind the first Black male President of USA. If the GOP ever run a women for VP or Prez, you better believe they would make sure she was the most token female as possible to do their bidding, to make it a disgrace for the everyday people of the country while they could have a woman to blame for it all. GOP was terrified of Hillary because she was capable of doing an amazing job, and they knew it.
Yes, Max. One thing the article got right was the attraction many of those men have for voting for the fake machismo act, chest-thumping etc. that they can sadly identify themselves with; even whilst ignoring so much else of more importance. Max, I think you nailed it when you said; "It’s easy to suspect the main reason Shannon Kennedy didn’t vote for Hillary is because she is a woman"(Commentator quote from: Max,February 11, 2018 at 11:31 AM).
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Feb 13, 2018