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That's just damn awesome. Plus, I have learned a new trick.
Toggle Commented May 25, 2011 on [sf-perl] why I love CPAN (and Plack) at Plack Blog
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The Torontoist blog has a nice little blurb about your appearance tonight on Big Bang: "Wil Wheaton returns to The Big Bang Theory in his now-recurring role as Sheldon's archenemy. Wheaton's a fun writer and all, but you just know part of the reason he's successful again now is because he sat down one day and said, "you know, I don't think there's actually a professional nerd out there. Not a guy who's a nerd who does a job, like an IT support guy or something. A guy whose job it is to be a nerd. I bet there's a niche for it. I bet I could do it." And now the rest of us all just sit back and look on in envy at the motherfucker. (CTV, 9:30 p.m.)" Nerd-envy. It's a sad thing.
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Apr 12, 2010