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I am enjoying reading all the comments almost as much as I enjoyed the post! My mouth is watering at all the suggestions and I can only think of a couple to add......a regular vanilla latte and since someone mentioned hot chocolate, Starbucks made a hot chocolate last year that had caramel and salt.....can't remember the name, but it was so rich and delish......I digress. The post is beautiful and the pictures are marvelous! Thank you for sharing. My imagination is in overdrive as to think of what my day would hold if I were in fact sitting next to the water enjoying such a peaceful morning.
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I had a good laugh over you post as I can completely relate. I am always amazed about how I allow myself such high expectations for my actually "birthday". I always think it will be a day of no responsibilities, chores, grocery shopping...... I too am blessed with 3 wonderful children and realize that time does march on no matter what day of the year it is. Happy Birthday!!! Atleast your cookies calories were well worth it as I'm sure it was tasty!!!
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Feb 3, 2010