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Marianne Meredith Brinkley
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Your girl is adorable! It was fun watching her come to life.
My favorite is Blossoming Buds...I think! I also like Kudos, Seasonal Tree ands so many others! I already like PS on FB. Thank you for the chance to win!
This is so beautiful! I love the mix of the looks of a doll house and bird house. You really did save your project for just the right time!
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2014 on Petaloo/Marion Smith Blog Hop at Petaloo
Absolutely love the way you did these candlesticks! I already like you on FB and love your flowers! Definitely pinning!
Oops! I meant to tell you that I am following your Pinterest boards =)
I follow you on FB.
I just love all of the bright colors and the layering you did with all off the embellishments
All off the papers and embellishments you used really complimented each other. Everything turned out great!
Your layout is just incredible! I love the papers you picked. Sometimes LOs for males are difficult, but you nailed this one!
All of your ideas are great. I especially like the way used the embellishments on the tag.
I love how you kept each page filed with completely different ideas. It keeps things interesting makes you want to see what will be on the next one. Wonderful job!
Wow! This giveaway is over-the-top! Nearly 30,000 entries!
This is such an unbelievable gift for someone!
Came back again to tell you that I have thought about this giveaway so many times today! Super, super generous!
I am guessing because you have so many comments that they are just not showing up! Your giveaway is unbelievable!
This has to be the biggest giveaway I have ever, ever seen!
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