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This is a collection of things I remember from time spent with my grandparents, Everett and Zelma Marshall. I wrote these down once when some friends and I were talking about childhood memories. If not captured sometime, somewhere, they are lost forever. I don't expect this to mean anything to anyone that doesn't know me or my grandparents. The only person that will recognize the events is my brother. My family moved to Missouri when I was in second grade. My parents, brother and me. We were coming to be closer to my dad's family. We lived in a cabin... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2013 at meredith's blog
Grandpa Everett Marshall remembers some interesting stories about growing up in a large family. Ethel, his oldest sister, was married while Grandpa was still a fairly young boy. He said he remembers one day when Ethel's husband Paul came into their kitchen and sat on a stool. Ethel, realizing he was quite drunk became angry, yelled, "You S__-O_-B____." and gave him a punch in the chin that knocked him off the stool and into a lump on the floor. Ethel screamed, "Oh, Moma, come quick. I killed him." While Ethel carried on crying and screaming, Grandma Lizzy Marshall filled a... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2013 at meredith's blog
Everett and Zelma Marshall lived in Chicago, IL, during the 1920's. Everett had been working on a job that paid $6.60 per day. When payday came his check and the checks of his fellow employees had been issued for $5.50 per day. Everett disputed the discrepency all the way to the labor union boss. Eventually, it was straightened out and Everett and his buddies went into town to collect the rest of their money. It was February 14, and Everett and his friends were very proud of themselves for getting their money, and were in very good moods. On the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2013 at meredith's blog
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