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the first day after a long break is often very light for subbing. really, the whole week could be light. it can also take a while to sort of work your way into the system. our district uses a computer program that prioritizes subs. if you turn down too many assignments, your name drifts to the bottom. also, definitely leave a note for the teacher w/ comments about the day and your contact info. here, teachers can request subs, and they do... a lot. there are so many bad subs out there that teachers try to get the good ones.
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first, so glad you not dead yet. that would be a bummer. :) second,OMG that party sounds like so much fun!!! i have already forwarded the excerpt to my friend who is trying to think of a great way to celebrate her dh's upcoming 50th. they are big "amazing race" fans. potential for lots of fun! third, subbing.... good luck!! i hope you have as good of an experience as i have had. being at only one school helps. it could take a while to get "established" to the point where you work regularly, but it is worth in the long run. i like knowing most of the students. being at one school increases the chances of building a relationship with the students. let me know if you want any survival tips. :)
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Nov 22, 2009