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@Laiima: I understand not *acting* on stupid impulses, or at least *mostly* not acting on them, as a marker for adulthood, but *not having them*? How did you manage that? I guess I should have added "by comparison." Because I probably have as many stupid impulses as anyone else :) Like most teenagers, I was a complete mystery to myself. I had the added burden of "being the adult" once my parents broke up and had serious troubles of their own. So I was sorely sorely tempted to do stupid stupid things quite a bit; I was desperate to feel loved and valued, heck, I was desperate to feel good, at all, I was under so much stress. I thank heaven I was able to wrestle these potential acts of desperation to the ground enough times to grow up and get out. The contrast with my adulthood couldn't be more stark. By comparison, the number and idiocy of my stupid impulses is now vanishingly small.
This is a most interesting breakdown. I was parented by folks who did sit down and figure out all the ways they didn't want to parent; while it had its ups and downs, I think it's a great way to get started. Likewise, it is essential that each child gets some considerations for their individual needs; I'd argue that's what parenting is all about. The fact that Meyer's fantasies struck such thundering chords in the female population expresses how oppressed so many women still are; worse, how they see no other way out. Because I found Meyer's dream life to be distinctly off-putting, and her heroine to be one of the most indistinct, vague, and unappealing creatures in literature. Far from having the freedom to make her own decisions, Bella makes none. She has no interests, she has no impulses, she is still stagemanaged down to her DNA; the only difference is that she likes her Cullen oppression far more than her Charlie/Renee one. I still say there are no real adults in the Twilight Universe; I agree that self-control is a hallmark of adulthood. The humans have no real grip on this, but the vampires and werewolves are constantly fighting their own nature. Not having stupid impulses anymore; that's when I knew I was out of adolescence and navigating my own seas at last.
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May 28, 2011