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Well said, Estelle. I second all of what you said. A.J. does not represent all the customers, A.J. is a troll trolling about his own biases.
No Man's Sky looks really interesting but what I am most interested about is the technology behind that allows to create that environment, that is Improbable ( And, most of all, is Linden Lab talking to Improbable in order to leverage its technology?
I think that everyone here is stuck with the idea that Ebbe wants to resurrect community gateways for SL2. That's not the way I read it. Ebbe says: "I've said that it's too difficult for creators (or for consumers visiting) to bring in their own audience directly in to an experience and that we would like to make this easier and more powerful." If I interpret his words right, what he is saying is that promoting content within SL today is too complicated and inefficient. We need to rely on group notices, plain text notecards with attachments, chat. Promotional tools within SL are archaic. If we want to have rich promotional content we need to rely on external services, such as: blogs, Facebook/Google+ groups, web calendars, etc. What if we could replace all these external tools with community portals within the realm of SL? So, if a resident wants to know more about East River all he/she has to do is to visit its portal in an easy, reliable and well known way within the viewer itself. By accessing the portal the resident can read all the information he/she needs, the latest community news, subscribe to an event and receive an automatic notification before the event starts, post inquiries, etc. Then, all the content of a community portal can be further promoted through social networks like we already do with our web sites today. I see a community portal as an aggregation of the many scattered web tools we use today. A community portal *is not* a community gateway as it is used to be. In some cases it could also be used as a gateway for new users but I don't think that is what Ebbe meant. A community portal is mainly a more efficient promotional tool to be used within SL2. And by making community portals open to the web, they can also be an effective way to promote a virtual world for its vast use cases and content.
It actually makes a lot of sense. There are thousands of special interest groups in Second Life and no one knows how to promote their activities better than themselves. If they had a way to promote their activities it could lead new users directly to content that matches their interests. This shouldn't be as a replacement to a main gate, rather an integration. I hope LL will plan this right and provide a front end so that SIGs, communities or content makers can present their activities, as I outlined in this post back in 2011: With a good integration with social networks this could be a very effective promotional tool, a major improvement to the way we promote activities over today's cacophony of group notices, notecards and chat, and raise the bar with more rich content. I am hopeful about this approach.
Argyle is welcome to visit the East River Community ( ). But, we don't use voice chat, so I suppose it wouldn't work for him.
Works for me.
I am not familiar with how The Sims works. Is content in The Sims sold?
Don't be put down by the negativity of some people, Dizzy. After all, this is SL: no initiative can go by without some negativity. I think your initiative is a nice one and I thank you for doing it.
"For example, there are only meshes, no "prims", though we give new users some basic wooden building blocks that are meshes." I fail to understand the difference between a prim and a "block that is a mesh". A prim is a mesh. Perhaps Sam refers to the enhanced texturing features of their blocks?
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Jun 21, 2012