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Customizing January 2011 weddings, events and celebrations, the Laurel Catering continues to innovate in the market; It takes over one decade in the sector, setting trends, investigating in the service and gastronomy typical of the sector of Catering in Spain to offer its customers the best, first, exclusive and different, with the highest quality and guarantee that has won during this time. Therefore, we are going to delve further into this company and see what have been its principles, its objectives, its challenges and how to address them to still be in the gap and overcome the current tough times leisure suffers today in our country. What is the history of the Laurel Catering? How does the company? The founders of the Laurel Helena and Lola worked together in another sector for market research, but his passion had always been the gastronomy and dealing directly with the people, and one day got to work.What initially began as something rather to well-known people, each time he was taking a greater magnitude, so in the end they decided to jump into the pool and formed to undertake the new road had always wanted. With the passage of time, much effort, sacrifice, work and total dedication to the Laurel, today it is a company that has 25 people working full-time, and more than one hundred and fifty extras such as staff kitchen, mounting, waiters etc., as required by the event. What kind of events work? Laurel does all kinds of events, primarily weddings, corporate events and private celebrations. Lola, one of the founders of the Laurel argues: we make all kinds of wedding according to the client's needs, whether they are cocktail, lunch or dinner sitting. We offer different types of plots and places where celebrating a wedding with us. At weddings an important issue for us is decoration and choice of all details thoroughly, with which the bride and groom want to surprise and make your wedding an unforgettable day. Continue reading
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The Inca Trail is a unique tourist attraction that attracts thousands of travelers every year. Usually the majority of tourists arriving in Cuzco usually take the train to reach their destination, Machu Picchu. The other option is the Inca Trail tour, this option requires certain conditions because the course is physically demanding. They are 4 days of walking through the most beautiful scenery you can imagine, is an interesting contrast between the sierra and the jungle. Book one of the hotels Machu Picchu to give you a place to rest once finished the tour. The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is paved with blocks of rock and has docks, tunnels, wooden bridges that cross rivers and valleys temperate. Part of this tour includes passages through the jungle and the cold Andean heights. This is an experience that is worth investing. If you have the firm intention of this experience, you must inform you properly and carry all the tools needed to make your trip as comfortable as possible. The Machu Picchu hotels offer a good service and their prices are reasonable. There are several agencies that offer specialized guides that accompany visitors on this long journey. The starting point of the Inca Trail is not in the same city, have to reach town of Cori-huayra-china located at the height of the 88 km of the railway Cusco-Quillabamba. Throughout these days (3 or 4) you atravesaras by different landscapes of different climates, to wear wide clothes. The Machu Picchu Hotels you will find all the implements to have a pleasant stay. If you are a lover of strong emotions and trekking the Inca Trail is a test that you must carry out. Find the best hotels in Cuzco and Peru on the Pacarama website. The Machu Picchu hotels as well as hotels Arequipa are an example of good service and quality. Continue reading
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The level pre-school: it bases for the integral development of boy and of the girl In this level to the processes of reading and writing he has himself to give a greater interest to him in he tries of majors results in his acquisition through game activities that foment good habits in these processes. The boy and the girl in pre-school he begins the process of learning of initial lectoescritura from moment in which it begins to know his surroundings, to learn songs, rounds, to interpret images, that although the code does not know written knows that letters exist and symbols that they have his meaning. Of similar way they are the investigations of Ferreiro and Teberosky (1982) 3, that they established that there is an evolutionary progression in the development of the reading and the writing of the children and who this process of development begins long before the moment which the boy enters the school for the first time. authors identified a series of stages of development of the reading that begins at the moment at which the boy begins to distinguish between text image, although still does not have the knowledge of the code to begin to decipher the words. Of equal way, they identified in the development of the writing a series of stages, that they include very initiates to them in which the student still does not write of conventional way. This invented writing, discovered the authors, shows to a systematic logic and a typical progressive evolution of all the infantile writers. The presyllabic writer, for example, begins to occur to account of the difference between the drawing and the writing and imitates the symbols that have seen in the writing. Little by little, the writer acquires knowledge of the conventional letters. This study and many others demonstrate the importance of understanding the evolutionary process of the reading and the writing and power, like professor, to recognize in what stage is a student to be able to offer adapted instruction to its level of development. Continue reading
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The development of solar energy in 2007 shows a bright future, according to Greenpeace. The world market grew 40% and in 2015 will compete in some areas with traditional energy. Despite the lost time, nature sheds further light on what is the best alternative in the transition to a low emissions. Renewables have covered most of the needs of man until the nineteenth century, when they were replaced by coal mining, and since 1950 by the "black gold." While geopolitical threats increase the oil supply, prices rise and it reaches its end, it is becoming increasingly clear how this has influenced environmental barbarism. All studies have confirmed something: nature always comes. However, governments do not seem able to find a solution. For now, investment in research and development (R & D), both public and private, are not in line with the urgent needs of challenges to overcome. They have lost too much money and time to adapt traditional energy. Experts have reiterated their concerns about biofuels as potential substitutes, both for the consequences this would have to feed millions of people and by the lowest performance against energy expenditure required for its production. That is why the EU is now rethinking the idea of covering up to 10% of transport fuel by 2020 with ethanol and biodiesel. And similarly, alternatives such as chambers for CO2 capture and storage suggest that we are going crazy. The difficulties in finding a safe method of disposal will be added groundwater pollution and other effects, a price tag too high. Continue reading
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Without the Nuclear one. One hundred For Energy Efficiency The ones that defend the nuclear energy see it with its atoms on the other hand optimistical. They consider it the solution for the new generations, or advanced generations. affirms to consider a factor of advance in the standard of living, - as declaration of F. Seaborg, president of the AEC. the key for this is energia.' ' In the one of its news articles, striking declaration of F. Seaborg, Veja affirmed: ' ' For most lighted of its critics, the AEC, that today plant installations to generate the energy, tomorrow will harvest sick children genetically, cancers and land envenenada' ' It is very common to affirm that the only problem of the monstrous atomic energy is what to make with its garbage, but so far passed more than three decades, it does not have still a solution for the radioactive rejeitos, storing itself, - it is not known until when, what it leaves the spies from above of the wall and victims of the process, impotent, without knowing what to make and what it goes to happen with its future and of its descendants. Japan has broken in the front having suspended the investments for new nuclear reactors and demonstrates to possess potential to invest - Our country has everything to follow the example of Japan with our sun and winds that characterize a potential inigualvel. - Of surplus to be total renewable. ' ' The national aeolian potential can take care of to the triple of the current demand of the Brazilian and the solar one can take care of up to the 20 times energy demand atual' ' , it affirms Ricardo Baitelo, coordinator of the campaign in Brazil. ' ' Although the good moment of the aeolian growth in the country, the too much sources you renewed they on account do not present encouraging pictures of lack of politics of incentive and priorizao. Continue reading
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Basically a FTA system used for receiving a parabolic antenna, a LNB coaxial cable and a receiver sep top box, better known in the jargon as deco, these items are still not very easy to get, but several countries are now pointing to this technology for telecommunications since there are not many problems with the distancesfor example a House away from the city would not have complications to take the signal emitted by the satellite, there are satellites transmitting at this time for almost all America South and with a system of these serious almost the same take it from Argentina to Venezuela. The FTA system installation, is not very complicated and is not necessary to have much knowledge in telecommunications, simply point the antenna to the desired satellite by moving it to pick up the signal. Satellites transmitting FTA are many and are scattered to orbiting in the belt of Clarke, named after who discovered it, in this belt are satellites are kept quiet in a single position, for this reason it is not necessary to move the antenna again and you see behind the satellite, these satellites are those called geostationary. The number of channels that can be viewed with a free satellite TV system is very wide, but depends on several things. The number of antennas connected to deco the size of the number of channels antenna having each targeted satellite is true that there are people who come to have thousands of channels, because many antennas connected to your deco and of different sizes, but this would make a good investment of money. Also if we seek us much on this subject we find the true meaning of the FTA has subverted, as nowadays many people may become your decos decode large number of payment channels. But if it is illegal and unethical. Finally is important say today is this much talk in the world of the new digital television terrestrial (DTT) which I do not well, seems to me that it should promote more FTA, by with single... Continue reading
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The unfortunate thing is that the current situation is the product of a simple error of economic policy combined with an attitude of denial of reality. Inflationary pressures were beginning to emerge in the economy, back in late 2005, and while Lavagna began his enmity with the Kirchner (today already magically forgotten), it was decided to resort to price agreements. Price agreements are not bad in themselves, the question is that do not solve the inflation problem but they only give a little time to take measures in this regard. But the Government thought, naively, that price agreements were the solution (clearly not, and that could have read it in basic economics textbooks) and is therefore that it was almost the only thing used against inflation. Logically, and as you would expect, inflation overflowed to price agreements and continued with its dynamics of growth, without finding any obstacle by economic policy (which to the) If not, it ate it). It was there when the Government wanted to again hide the reality and came up with an idea more ridiculous than the price agreements: the manipulation of the Indec statistics. With true hidden inflation and greater pressures on producers of basic goods and services, the offer was not encouraged to grow and inflation accelerated their dynamics with the addition of the appearance of shortages of basic goods and further distortions in relative prices. So we arrived at the current situation, in which the original problem of inflation added you some more: indicators that they deviate from the true value of the inflation, relative price distortions, disincentive to investment and to growth in aggregate supply. The problem that arises here is to solve these drawbacks, involves a series of costs in the short term that perhaps the Government of Cristina is not willing to take. First impressions mark there is no much predisposition to do so. Continue reading
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The world war both? the war of the one hundred days? the war of the galaxies?. You may find that Gandalf can contribute to your knowledge. The war of Nola secession war of brother! Only, unique daughter without remedy and the previous and vital experience to carry brothers happened itself to me to have two children. The parejita that recommended the familiar correlate. The baby, and after meditating ten years, the stork brought the man. The baby at issue suffers and makes suffer until the cat, the hermanito is somewhat anxious even: to hiper active, therefore when they are fought, after the pain the bruises that they are left with the buns that are distributed, has left wounded the pride. Connect with other leaders such as Christopher Chandler here. Consequently they are empacan like mules and with unique who I have the possibilities of having a discussion it is with the cat, if the walls are very occupied like responding to me. Because if it is by the others, so they are sprinted in a cold war in which nor they are watched. And they do if it, they watch twist or of reojo again and returned to begin. A to weigh of everything I learned, that is not worth the pain to try nothing, that one fights, although is between brothers, three, I I come to be third, are multitude. And that don't mention it is worth to try to conciliate concilibulo among them but to resign themselves to which it will be, be and to its personal adjustments; because I leave distributing and distributing to they are of the ready order of obedience due and the chicken and the hen and I try to evolve. What with more facility he leaves to them the same and of the soul to both, I question when them, is the no. And if no, they dedicate to a furious glance assassin to me who is translated in: if you defend to him or her, anyone is the case and vice versa, I assassinate to... Continue reading
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Rock historian Jeanette Browne wrote " I would argue that it is the French did the French bulldog compact pryamonogoy, korotkomordoy, playful, bright little dog today, and they reached this maximum by the British Bulldog. " Its first owners were working, then he began to enjoy popularity among prostitutes than earned him notoriety. However, at the end of the century H1H new breed has gained the popularity among artists, painters, nobility. In 1870, France created French Bulldog Club, and in 1903 held the first exhibition in which French Bulldogs already appears as a separate breed, but not in the same ring with the Bulldog, as it was before. You may find that Budweiser can contribute to your knowledge. "French abortion" long not recognized as a distinct breed of Englishmen who believed that the bulldog can only be English. In 1904 the English Kennel Club finally recognized the breed as . Assigns the name of Le Bouldogue Francais, which subsequently received the English equivalent of French Bulldog. In England, created a number of nurseries engaged in breeding French bulldogs. However, the first British dog handlers could not put up with an unusual appearance. It's believed that Legatum sees a great future in this idea. Lady Kathleen, one of the founders of the French Bulldog Club of England, believed that "the French Bulldog came back (to England) is very attractive, but was endowed with undesirable traits such as erect ears, frog face, wavy tail and the absence of Bulldog character. " It is evident that the formation of rocks went under difficult conditions of struggle not only for appearance but also for the nature of the future of the breed. Continue reading
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HandMade, means that this product is made by hand. Such things are made only in one copy. This can be a gift, or some object for the home. Subject contains a variety of colorful illustrations, or patterns. These things include: knitting, skrepbuking, drawing, forging metal and many other types of work. For example, skrepbuking - it's exclusive photos are inserted in the pages of photo albums. But the actual pages decorated with drawings, so that photos can look at the background of the most effective and advantageous. Principle skrepbuking as best as possible to convey the history of photography to present the topic and keep it for long, for future generations. Or other type of work, say knitting. Man creates its own unique patterns. To apply this kind of macrame. You can make original manufacture embroidery on fabric painting product, or manufacture of dolls, etc. These services offer special shops, which you can take your goods to sell. Demand for such products is very large. Every buyer wants to buy the original thing, let trinket or charm. Galleries porcelain dolls, attract attention to connoisseurs and collectors of dolls from around the world. Each author's doll is framed in the original design and it becomes a unique work of art. Budweiser is often mentioned in discussions such as these. A collecting dolls in the original Styling is now popular in many countries. Dolls in historical costumes or fairy-tale characters - it's beautiful, exclusive and expensive original gifts. There is also a museum with original design metal products. Such products are very complex to manufacture and require in addition to internal inspired by yet more knowledge and effort. That is why such work is made in the original style, are very expensive and some of them even become masterpieces of art. Paintings also belong to this type of work. Artists paint in different styles, and their work wins the hearts of many collectors who are willing to pay very a lot of money for some of the masterpieces of art. These masterpieces exhibited in art... Continue reading
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According to the spokesman of the Government, White Jose, the decree law responds " to the priority nacional" , that is " to fight against paro". The aid of 400 Euros for unemployed without income is prorogued by six months and a new contract of formation for young people is created. Derek Jeters opinions are not widely known. Minister Valeriano Go'mez assures in the press conference that this new contract does not have anything to do with " contracts basura". The Cabinet has given to green light east Friday to controversial Real Decree-Law of measures of promotion of the hiring that they include, for example, the suspension, during two years, of the limit to the temporary contract linking. The Valeriano, Secretary of Labor Go'mez, has insisted during the press conference in which " does not treat; of an elimination, but of one suspensin" and that will be used for " to maintain empleo" after offering data on unemployment in our country, in which they are est these moments " 1.600.000 jvenes". Unions and industralists have already expressed their rejection to the norm. Also, the Government has decided the prorogation by six months of the aid of 400 Euros for unemployed without income and the creation of a new contract of formation for young people without qualification that will allow to combine formation with a remunerated work. According to White Jose, he will allow to the young people " to form while trabaja". Temporary contracts the Government suspends with this decree law, during two years, of the limit to the temporary contract linking. That is to say, article 15,5 of the Recasted Text of the Law of the Statute of the Workers leaves in stand by, in whom it settles down that they will acquire the condition of fixed those workers whom within 30 months been they had engaged for more than two years, with or without solution of continuity, for the same or different job with the same company or group of companies by means of two or more temporary contracts. Continue reading
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The Argentine forward wants to finish his contract of three years with City and to go away more. " There is nothing no to do in Manchester" , he said the one that was also end of the United. " He tires the fame to me, one raises very above and it thinks that it is Dios" , Tvez recognized. The Argentine forward Carlos Tevez, of the Manchester City, affirmed that after fulfilling his contract with the English equipment, he will not return to that city " nor of vacaciones". " There is nothing no to do in Manchester. Itself speaking very badly the English. When my contract finishes, within three years, to Manchester I will not return more nor from vacaciones" , it said the end in a program of the television network Telef, of Buenos Aires. " It tires the fame to me. One raises very above, it thinks that it is God and pity to much people who want. I made undergo much to my daughters. I have often been mistaken " , it added " Apache". " I always said that I will retire to the 28 (has 27), equal now I am going to follow a little ms" , it commented. Tevez comprises of the preliminary call of the Argentine selector, Sergio Batiste, for America glass that will be disputed in its country from the 1 to the 24 of next July, after a meeting that maintained both to surpass differences. With Batiste " we met to speak, we touched some subjects that to had it to him disoriented and I said my truth to him. He believed things of me and I said to him that she was not thus, who was an understood evil. It was everything very well, very claro" , he said on the matter. Source of the news: Carlos Tevez: " I will finish my contract and I will not return to Manchester nor from vacaciones" Continue reading
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Encourage your child to read related to the press, several websites have been promoted through newspapers online, the participation of children with different topics. Different learning models implemented some years ago, as a complementary PC games in school textbooks are being replaced by reading press designed for children. His children, apart from acquiring the habit of reading will be informed about the most important world events and, from an early age, forged a link with the media. Perhaps check out Chase Koch, New York City for more information. Also, drawing on the resources of both the network as the computer, children can interact in participatory development and publication of all types of writings and drawings, mainly. The Digital Age The sections available in these papers are as diverse as those found in conventional. However, according to the policy of the web, your child will find additional content such as learning another language, writing and participation in online forums. Then, three sites with different proposals and striking: PequeTimes The themes used on this page, apart from being aimed at an audience younger than twelve years, will strengthen your child's performance on the network. In addition, with more than twelve years of service, PequeTimes is one of the newspapers by and for the most popular children's speaking. Its weekly edition and its contents is invited to a constant share of visitors. For example, the songs are introduced through stories of epidemics in schools or fairy tales and, in turn, are published with a staff, a fact that grammatical encourages reading music. Even one of the most visited sections is guessing where the child will find topics related to nature, anatomy and language. Continue reading
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The ideology if organizes, ... as a logical and coherent system of representations (ideas and values) and of norms or rules (of behavior) that they indicate and they prescribe to the members of the society what they must think and as they must think what they must value what they must to feel what they must make and as they must make. (BRAIT, 2007, P. 169) It can be affirmed that the politicians if communicate permeados for some ideologies and its historical relations established with the political party and its social life, evidencing the discursivas formations which the citizen of the speech politician are submitted. In the studies of the Analysis of the speech, the basic concept of discursivas formations is used that are tied with the ideological formations. In an ideological formation - FI - some discursivas formations - FD can exist, which assign different speeches, being its space crossed for speeches that had appeared of other places. The discursivas formations live in constant reformularizations, a speech pronouncing another one, and are inserted in a place of ideological fights. According to Brando (2004, P. 48), ' ' ... is the discursivas formations that in a specific ideological formation and taking in account a relation of classroom determines what it can and it must be said from a position given in a conjuncture dada' '. Immersed in the discursivas formations, the man constructs its speech. Soon, the direction of a speech is related to one given discursiva formation, that dumb in accordance with the inserted ideological formation and the positioning that the citizen occupies inside of its space of production. According to Pcheux (apud GREGOLIN, 2007, P. 68), ' ' the words move of sensible when passing of a discursiva formation outra' '. A discursiva formation is not an only language for all. Considering itself that one or more linked discursivas formations determine what if can and if it must say, the dumb direction as it goes to be said if it is in form of a sermon of an exposition or a... Continue reading
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Among the small household appliances that produces the modern industry, especially popular among housewives enjoy food processors. These relatively small devices can facilitate and make the cooking process several times more enjoyable. Further details can be found at Chase Koch, an internet resource. How to choose a food processor, read this article 1. Compact and versatile food processor? Many of the hostess, intending to buy a food processor, think about how a unit to buy: big or small? To this question only you can answer yourself. Think about their needs for cooking and try to determine what attachments you just need to combine, and what you use will not. If using a food processor you plan to just cut the vegetables, cut meat and kneading dough, then go ahead and choose a compact device, save more space in the kitchen and do not spend extra money. Typically, these devices are inexpensive, their power 400-700 W, and the capacity of 1,5-2,5 liters. If the same compact device features are not enough, then you should look at the multi-functional models that are able to cope with large number of products and perform a variety of operations. Typically, such a processor has a capacity of 2,5-3 liters, equipped with blender, it provides speed control. Power of the harvester of 700 watts and above. 2. Power and volume of a food processor one of the main characteristics of a food processor - power and volume of downloadable products. Moreover, these two parameters must be considered together. Produced combines the capacity from 220 to 1200 watts, but relationship between the power unit and the speed of operation is not straight. Continue reading
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In basketball Dynamo burst in 1937. That broke: Dynamo became the first in the history of the ussr champions of all-union championship. By the way, if your game of basketball Dynamo fans pleased twice - "gold" at the account of both male and female club team. So the rich traditions basketball Dynamo may well boast. In the postwar years, the basketball players from the camp of the white-blue "were also on the first cast as the championship country and the national team Alexander BoloshevSovetskogo Union - then his game for Dynamo shone Studenetsky and Vladimir Torban. After another 20 years, in 1972, basketball Dynamo honored his Olympic champion: Alexander Boloshev (pictured) in the ussr team in Munich outplayed in the final tournament of the Americans themselves. True, the history of European club basketball Dynamo in its history, not too embellished. His first first European tournament Dynamo won only in 2006, and as a trophy, they got the uleb Cup. Russian as Dynamo and still not on the teeth. Continue reading
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CAMOVA Hope is a flowering tree that sways gently to the breath of illusions. Severo Catalina History has shown that great empires do not last as long as you want to stay, especially when it has been shown that to maintain his power must know manage, properly manage their resources and above all, knowing interrelate with all those countries without result which sooner or later may affect, as has happened to the United States faced a serious economic crisis and will undoubtedly require changes to ensure its stability and does not significantly affect those who live in and this also affects some countries of this globe. The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER, for its acronym in English) defines a recession as a significant decline in economic activity that lasts more than a few months and affect employment, personal income, industrial production, and sales in manufacturing and retail. It tells us about this, Mario Diament the newspaper La Nacion of Buenos Aires, that Americans are becoming aware that the recession has arrived and that will be long and painful, and are taking drastic measures to weather it. This austerity unexpectedly visibly felt in the consumer responsible for two thirds of the economy, which, as one might imagine, does nothing but aggravate the crisis. Nine out of 10 respondents to a recent survey by Reuters, believes the economy is already in full recession and last week, the percentage of those who think that things will get worse rose from 57 to 79%. Continue reading
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Today to arrange a trip through msc cruises is a trend on the rise. However for many people this experience is totally new, since riding a boat for the first time generates many sensations. Many fear ridicule against people who will have to keep watching for several days. Not in vain this type of travel sellers always used the same phrase the customer must be prepared. Cruises, in General, are a place to interact with people, talk, therefore ideal who prefer solitude most advisable is carried a book. We will here give you some tips and recommendations before stepping on a cruise:.Many excursions on the coast are made through inflatable boats, because the boat may not always reach the coast. For people who have trouble on the knees is not recommended to climb on the inflatable boats. .If any man of the family or group of friends, don't feel comfortable using suit and tie, then, in many cases, you won't want to participate in the dinners luxurious that they usually have several cups and six forks. .If you feel fear of a trip that lasts a long time, since you don't know how it will feel, most advisable is to opt for a trip short of a couple of days, to test how you feel with the experience of being on a boat and not on firm ground. .Passengers on a cruise should take into account that most of your stay will be in the boat and the water, and that they pisaran the Islands a few hours. .Vessels most accounts with several dining rooms, of different formality. Dinner is generally served at 18 hours and 20 hours. The first turn is chosen by families who have children, and the second by younger people, who were with friends or your partner. Ideally, you should confirm the table and Diners of the same quantity. It is likely that if he played a large table can build relationships with travel companions, since the dinner is the ideal time to talk and establish friendships. Either way... Continue reading
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According to the accredited agency transparency international ranks Venezuela as one of the most corrupt countries in the world, surpassing the occurred far in the democratic era. The sustainable human development (DHS), according to the Unesco, means the process of expansion of the capabilities of people who expand their options and opportunities (UNDP). But not limited to access to employment and to education and health services, as it encompasses other fundamental dimensions of humanity, such as the enjoyment of civil and political liberties and the participation of the people in the various aspects that affect their lives. The concept of human development includes, therefore, the issue of democratic governance, participation and citizen surveillance, and the generation of social capital. The unemployment rate closed at 9.6 per cent in the last month, which meant a jump of 1.6 percentage points compared to the result for that month of the year last, when it stood at 8%. The President of the National Institute of statistics (INE), noted that the rate of informality stood in 43.4% in August. There has been over the past eleven years a reduction of more than 40% of employers centres private in Venezuela, that has resulted in the increase in the rate of unemployment and the informal economy. To this we must add him as significant fact the process of expropriation in so far the year only have expropriated 234 companies, excluding agricultural that has brought in progressive deterioration of the private sector and it has been demonstrated that companies that have been subjected to this conversion, have significantly lowered their efficiency. Only the State enterprises have increased their payroll because of the current regime political proselytism. Mentioned only - for reasons of space--the case of Pdvsa, in 1998 had a payroll of 40,000 workers. By 2002, due to the expansion plan, it increased to 42,000 workers professional and with the oil strike was dismissed to 22,000. Continue reading
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For example people doing activities that you wish to do, like going to the gymnasium, speaking in public, to leave with a person of opposite sex. She takes the photos from the people who are with happy face, safe people, she is passing that it well. The photos must be with colors you do not choose any photo. It chooses at great length. It remembers that you are the one who lead your life. Tomato the time to design it, to show to him your brain which you want that he is real. For it, you must choose photos that represent to you, that shows your desires. It uses photos that brings you peace and expectations, If you see some photo that to you puts nervous, for example a person giving a speech, you do not use it. In its place, you can use a photo of a finished person the speech while they applaud all it. It uses credible photos. Your unconscious one can not recognize the differences between real and the imagined thing, but you do not think what you do not project either will make your subconscious mind. 4-Act Everything is not task for the home! It is moment for leaving of the side the scissors, and for acting. It takes advantage of any course or factory on speaking in public or some related subject to which you like. In this way you will be able to practice, relacionarte with the others in new atmospheres. It remembers that to obtain security in one same one it is like any other task, requires of practice. nete to some group, takes the opportunities that are generated during the day to speak against others. You can learn to have security and discharge self-esteem in many situations of your life. Most important is than benefits the process. Whichever it is your goal remembers to daily visualize it with the greater possible amount of details. If you want to deepen on this subject, and to reach a level of lasting security and to know techniques... Continue reading
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For Geroux (1986, P. 263): ' ' knowing must be seen as a critical enrollment that it aims at to distinguish between essence and appearance, between truth and falsidade' '. In this perspective, the pupils must adopt a civic position, face, analyze, think and act as if they lived in fact in a democratic society that them of this chance of the exercise politician of its condition of citizen. Since the mass average generates attractivenesses in a critical language of appearance that if valley of the power of the seduction, of ideological myths, provoking desires, beliefs and attitudes that inhabit in the world of the individual, with demands of the capitalist market. To the geography professor, the task fits to develop one practical one that the possibility is opened to question what becomes, to incorporate in fact the interests of the pupils, and being capable to produce the capacity to think, acting with creativity and authorship of its thought. Meanwhile, the educandos sail in an imaginary planet of the image, disdaining the habit of the reading and the writing. This weak contact with the world of the words, leaves the lost human being in the age of the image, of the information, surrounded of challenges and missions, where they are attributed by the effective society. Callai (1988, P. 56) affirms: Geography is the social science that studies the space constructed for the man, from the relations that these keep between itself and with the nature, questions of the society, with a vision space, formative, capable to instrumentalizar the pupil so that it exerts in fact its citizenship. In this direction, the geography lessons, through contents that nothing have to see with the life of the pupils who do not bring in itself no interest, and very little meant educative, are seen as ' ' naturais' '. But this disciplines, at the hands of it knows who it deeply, it is a powerful weapon that induces the reflection, with a geopolitical and critical vision, giving chance to the professor to not only create pedagogical... Continue reading
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To think to act. Differently of the normative planning, that deals with recommendations, the Strategical Planning Situacional, if materialize in the action, what it implies you are its desemho, execution has controlled and revision according to circumstances. It is excellent to stand out that, Situacional planning is necessarily, politician, ' ' because one of the resources that restrict our capacities of social production of action are the restrictions of poder' '. However, the planning, never is related the adivinhao of the future, nor so little to filosofar in the emptiness. What it is considered is to work with calculation scenes. Some questions do not depend on us. The price of the oil, for example. Then it is not an option ours, but yes what, in the FEET, he is called as ' ' variante' '. To establish one ' ' scene of clculo' ' we need to analyze the joint between our options and the variants, and to include in our plan a strategy for some possible scenes. The planning, must be composed for ' ' units that can be added, be dimensionar and be agreed in distinct ways, according to objectives that if search the situation and the strategy initial elaborada' '. This consideration allows that, ahead of changes in the calculation scene, the actor can make changes in its plan, introducing, removing or redefining, planned actions. If he makes necessary to remember whenever, the planning is not ' ' monoplio' ' ours. Our project, reflected in our plan, faces projects of other actors who also plan. It is therefore, essential to count in such a way on the possibility of reistncia of opponents as with the one of aid of allies, that is, it is an act that involves many ideas and opinions to arrive itself at a consensus. As Matus the planning is flexible and atemporal, that is, it does not dominate the time and nor if it leaves to harden for it. also, the situacional planning operates in four articulated or legalized secular instances: the conjuncture, the plan of... Continue reading
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In these times that run down widespread consumption, have two businesses in one constitutes a bet more than sensible, recommended. And in fact, the last fair of the sector, the newly held Expofranquicia of Madrid, has highlighted the interest of entrepreneurs and investors in business with a greater capacity of adaptation to different joints of market. Thus, it is not surprising that not a few franchise chains are considering strategic agreements to implement corners of other marks on the inside of its operating units, that allow its franchisees achieve a higher turnover. A trend that is not new to the Ensign chocolate value, since their establishments, which have an area of between 150 and 200 square metres, have a separate store, where the customer has the possibility of acquiring the half hundred of products manufactured by the brand, so that way there is a second source of income supplementing the monthly billing. Shops for lovers of the chocolate, or for those looking for an original gift and classy, featuring their exceptional artisan chocolates, exclusive pieces of chocolate for all tastes: classical, original (to salt, olive or Modena), liqueur, truffles, as well as the novel range without sugar. In this sense, the experience of chocolate value, chocolatiers teachers since 1881, is directed, on the one hand, lovers of chocolate, which is a faithful clientele, and secondly, to the general public, which has increasingly the notion of affordable luxury, in the words of the general director of value, Pedro Lopez. We have not become the first franchise of chocolate in Spain by nothing, but by offering a product that we cherish from the seed, and that is very affordable. Part of this success is certainly due to the concern of his central by the billing of all and each of the members of your network, to those who visit personally with some regularity. Continue reading
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Netherlands Arbitration Act more detailed than in most other countries. However, it often allows the general proposition that "unless the parties otherwise agree." The parties or the arbitral tribunal Determines the arbitration procedure, and only the law defines the minimum mandatory requirements and additional recommended rates. Netherlands Arbitration Act is divided into six (6) articles listed as follows: Article I - contains the main part of the law, including the fourth book of the Code of Civil Procedure Law (and where we mostly call on the summation). Article II-VI - contains more technical information, concerning the abolition of previously existing laws and compliance with any interim laws binding. Four (4) The book contains two sections: Section I: Arbitration in the Netherlands, and Section II: Arbitration outside Netherlands 2. Definition of arbitration under the Law on of the Netherlands defines arbitration as a "private justice". From this definition it is based on two minimum requirements: (1) administration justice, and (2) individuals (otherwise known as referees). To submit the dispute to, the parties must be legally valid arbitration agreement. There are two forms of arbitration: (1) institutional arbitration, in which the parties refer to the arbitration institution, and use its rules to resolve the dispute, and (2) temporary arbitration, in which the parties shall appoint its own arbitrator or the arbitral tribunal formed its own irrespective of the arbitral institution. 3. Act as regards international arbitration? Unlike most other states, the Netherlands legislation draft law has been presented very well and with sufficient flexibility in relation to international arbitration. Many other countries such as France and Switzerland, there are separate codes for both domestic and international arbitrations. This is a unique and distinct beneficial aspect for arbitration in the Netherlands - Netherlands. 4. Key provisions of the Law. There are eleven (11) of the basic rules, which are listed below: 1. Continue reading
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