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I talked boycott and twitter suspended my account
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2019 on Songwriters Urge Users To #CancelSpotify at hypebot
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By having my own website, im able to showcase my own content such as shirts songs and new videos. I help indie artist by allowing them to post their links and albums..and I also benifit from several monetize companies when users impress my ads like propeller ads!😀👍
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Since Awal Forgot to market for us here you guys go Metamorphosis by HolyThrillMafia Whole album Produced by MessinaTheProducer
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At night i work on my upcoming album and before i touch anything! its the default google play music i turn to to get my session going. U know the one that came with the phone... The ads are overlay no interrupted ads, u can click off the screen and music continues! Hands down the best music app! Youtube can't perform these functions..guess ill load up my walkman jr
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PillowSex & Loneliness by MessinaTheProducer
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Ep allows artists to create and distribute betty quality at the pace their fans are expecting releases. Remember that "Culture 11" & "Scorpion" were big hits because their albums consisted over 20+ songs. Enough that Drake's Album reached big numbers because of soo many tracks. Yes you didn't like some but your just one person, right?
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2018 on 5 Advantages Of Releasing An EP at hypebot
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Aug 9, 2018