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Pretty excited about it. Was listening to Metareality Podcast and Qarl was saying Cory was the guy trying to get SL to open source the sims before he was canned. Cory has the vision to make it happen. Should be interesting to see now it seems we may be gearing up for a Rosedale vs Ondrejka Virtual World battle.
Iggy what you wrote really worries me. The Metaverse will be many different things to many different people. Human's will naturally misuse anything given the chance, and it's not up to you to decide what other people are going to use it for.
So if you live in a slum, or a third world country with nothing around. Not everyone has the luxury to live in "meatspace" and enjoy it. Not everyone lives next to a beautiful park or right in a bustling area where this is plentiful things to do. The metaverse should not be created because some people will get addicted? We can say that about everything. Might as well outlaw the computer now then if that's your stance.
Of course it should, it's inevitable whether Oculus want to be those people that start it or not, it will happen.
I prefer Dogecoin. wow.
Looks like Zuck and Cory went around testing out all the VR technology out there before they bought the rift. Pretty excited to think Cory may have a lot to do with this direction.
I'd also like to say, I do think Zuckerberg is a huge hypocrite no doubt, but those of you who are clamoring for the future metaverse, perhaps this guy is going to do it. Why would he buy Occulus to throw it in the trash? They have the funds and resources to kick it up 10x. They also have Cory Ondrejka don't forget.
Not sure why people are upset about the idea of SL being sold. You can't run Second Life worse than they have, I'd see it as a new life for it if that happened. If the rest of you are just content with the Lab milking it til it's dead that's fine.
All I have to say is wow. Bold and brilliant move by Zuck.
Big part of their problem is they constantly get rid of the employees who actually want to be there and are passionate about their products like Yoz, Pathfinder, Qarl, the list is endless. The Lab is just a detached entity looking to milk the dying teet of Second Life.
Fixing Second Life won't guarantee the Lab's survival, no, but neither will diversification. None of the other products are game changers, in fact you could take the stance they just wasted more time and money on stuff other than what actually feeds the company. When other companies diversify they don't leave their bread and butter to rot, and that's what is really taking place. No mobile app or flash in the pan game is going to rake in the cash or have the potential that Second Life has. I feel like Linden Lab is in denial. They are Second Life and they want to be something else. It's a shame really. Sell Second Life to someone who will give it the focus it needs.
BTW they also mentioned Second Life on Shameless Sunday night. :)
Also they need to add immediate access to the world through guest account before asking people to sign up. Allow land holders to check if they want to allow guests or not on their land. Allow sim owners and land holders the registration api and minimize the Second Life brand on it allowing people get people signed up to SL through their own website and deliver them in world to where that entry portal is set. Also, files. Why can't we set up a physical representation for a file in world and allow files to be swapped and downloaded. Very odd SL never added file transfer.
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Feb 28, 2014