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Roger Koppl, Thank you. I'm also glad we got out - and that I'm now able to get back in. my comment was just a bit of fun, but I think you misread it. I never ever had viewed the state favourably. Not even as a child. Though my revulsion grows, it was always there from my earliest memories of brushes with authority (excluding parental authority). My natural state is to abhor the crushing fist of the state - for which I, along with the rest of my exiting family, was labeled "insane". And, yes, natural is not necessarily good and I am, I guess, unnatural! I doubt very much I'm unique, though.
Roger Koppl, I do not now nor have I ever (and I mean since childhood) had any positive feelings or thoughts about bureaucratic governments or authority in general. The older I get, the more repulsive I find it. When we rejected the ultimate large bureaucratic nation state by applying to immigrate from the Soviet Union, were declared insane. Are you telling me the Soviets were right? We dissidents WERE crazy? :)
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Aug 15, 2012