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"The writer's job is to tell the truth" Ernest Hemingway 1899-1961
"Top copywriter" - where do I make that claim? I don't "spend my days in the Warrior Forum". I drop in from time to time. Yes I know Duris claims in his $7 ebook that I pick up work by "reviewing " (as you call it) people's copy posted on the forum. I've publicly stated on that forum that it's not the fact I'm annoyed that he even mentioned me. I get the occasional dreamer or newbie wanting something for nothing... and falling over in shock when I tell them what I charge ($2500 is at the low end). As for "crass, ignorant and insulting" - that's pretty funny - after I read what you write about me. Ever thought of checking facts? Gee perhaps you could be wrong about a few things? Pity you're such an asshole - there's plenty of real "dirt" I could dish on a lot of those WF posters. Especially the ones that claim to have worked with Halbert (that's a whole industry in itself). Ernest Hemingway III - fuck me. Highly original. Jesus what a dope you are. What is your day-job anyway? Flipping burgers at Chuck E Cheeze or something? Oh yeah...before I forget. I notice you tout for Lisa Parmley. I wrote for her a few years back. And there you are flogging her course with your cunningly-disguised affiliate link - WHICH IS BROKEN. For fucks sake. But all that are a good writer - albeit you seemed to have borrowed your style from TheSaltyDroid (and what a fucking piece of shit that guy is). Just a pity you can't do proper research and get the facts right. What you've written about me is straight out defamatory. But you know - never let the facts get in the way of a good (blog) story.
I won't debate with an anonymous Typepad poster but if you want to contact me I'd be pleased to give you chapter and verse on my career, my work and my earnings. The extent of your "discovery" has only been a Google search by the looks of it. "Fantasist" huh? Well let's see about that. Would you care to have a wager on it? Oh yeah - FYI - I still own - got sick of posting and paying the hosting. At one stage I had over 100 blogs - all SEOed - hence the 5 year old abandoned Ezine account and the mostly abandoned Wallyworld blog - which goes back to 2005 and once hit 500k Unique Visitors in a month. You'd be lucky to get 500 visitors a month here, wouldn't you? Funny how you find me "such a distasteful prick". I find you rather sad...filling in your days with a free Typepad blog - making like you're SaltyDroid. Nothing better to do with your life? So anyway Braveheart... tell me who you are and I'll show you who I work for and what they pay me...and some of the gigs I've done. But then...if you'd really done your homework you'd know that already - I don't hide the fact. Continue reading
Posted Jan 23, 2011 at Malcolmlambe's blog
Here's the latest bit of insensitive Nazism in a commercial for Coreana - a Korean skincare company -