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Dog soldier
Native American Seminal`e Tribe of Florida, and African.
Interests: running, downhill mountain biking, and, rock climbing, paintball, shooting, horseback riding., and surfing, and my peoples archery, martial arts weapens of china and japan, and knife arts.
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Hey, what's the name of the book?
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This is my home. If this world dies I will die fighting to save it. My people are apart of this land and this world, If our Mother dies We die. I say, let's enjoy the parts of our world that brings you closer to that feeling of Pandora. It's here you just have to go to it.
Beat me to it. Same here.
Hair is VERY, VERY important, to Native People. To cut ones hair means The Death Of Something. The cutting of his hair means I WILL SACRIFICE SOMETHING Of My Self TO BE A PART. That sacrifice was his hair. Very necessary, for the position he placed himself in.
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This is the hair style of a child, not a Warrior of Omaticaya. He became a man, this hair had to go. Most Native people around the world follow the same Tradition, of a warrior styling there hair to the rest of the tribe. This hair style represents the death of his past, his new hair style represents his new life and future.
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There is a Hindu healing technique just like this. Everyone rotates into the center so that everyone gets a chance to receives a healing.
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Jan 29, 2010
Balance, Always. That is one of the true natures of God. No matter what name or form we give HIM/HER/IT. Or HER/HIM/IT takes.
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Jan 29, 2010
She's a Goddess and her reach is not limited to one planet or even one gallexy. The link, that we see in this movie between all people, all nature, is here on our own world, For the most part most peolpe have forgoten that link. But nothing can be erased from our memory. It's still in us, we just have to reawaken it again. All people were trible at one time or another. and it was at those time that we as a people understud our connection to one another, and all nature around us.
Where did you get it?
It was all business. The killing of the natives,is bad business for any corporation. You can't risk the lose of share holers that may be sympathetic to the natives. He let Jake go back, hoping he could get them to move. This was his last chance to keep the companies stock price from taking a hit. As a Stock Market Trader my self I under stand what he must be fighting with in side. But, as a Native American Trible member and an Afican American. I can't see puting money ahead of life. No matter if that life be Human, Alien, Animal, or vegetation.
Do not forget, that a doller was a doller then. Or, the quarter was a quarter. and this was the case till the 70's.
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Was it me, or did it seem like Arnold Schwarzenegger was a little too friendly at the Golden Globes and James's Star on the Holleywood walk of fame. I mean like. "I need a job soon, kind of friendly"? Continue reading
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It has all the time it needs to beat Titanic. It will have the top spot in aweek or so.
Very nice article.
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Jan 20, 2010
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Jan 20, 2010