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Mark Flayler
Mark Flayler is an application engineer with IMAGINiT Technologies specializing in the Manufacturing Solutions Division for Autodesk products.
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You will have to contact your local sales rep for more details. This post is 3 years old and we may not be offering this service anymore due to the ability of Inventor to now proxy the old MDT files but not convert them. We may still have an option for you on conversion.
We actually have this topic (although not the files you see above) in our Inventor Tube and Pipe Course available from the ASCENT store. Go to to learn more. It has a basic example of this and how to set it up near the end of the course.
New Video link uploaded, I tried some different audio settings. I never picked up on it because I never use a headset for playback.
Adrian, Thanks! That's odd about the audio its the second time I have heard that about the audio in a headset. The MP4 that I uploaded to YouTube was 2 channel Stereo so I don't know why you are only getting it in one ear.
I'm sure you can do half of that. You can certainly get different prompted entries per sheet, but for them to show up in the Form would be quite a Task. Prompted Entries are about the worst thing you can use IMOP because you can't track them and they are not as discoverable as iProperties.
The command is in the same spot in Inventor 2014. Make sure you are in the Part environment, NOT the assembly environment. The command is found on the 3D Model tab or the Manage tab of the ribbon.
Maria, I tried this a couple ways and I was not able to get the problem to reproduce. I am going to take this conversation off the blog and well figure it out together.
I'll see if I can repeat that error.
Tad, This is unfortunately for new members to the Content Center only. The existing shapes in the default library do not have any Notching profiles on them and would require individual attention otherwise with iFeatures or manual cutting (all of which throws off your G_L parameter for length in BOM reporting). This makes any mods to the original CC items a nightmare to lengthen and then cut away material. To do it just right you will have to re-add all new members with your notching style in mind. Lot of work, but depending on how you use Inventor and how much you use Frame Gen, it could be a good ROI.
To my knowledge the 360 line product is not funded by subscription dollars and neither is Inventor Publisher. But since I don't actually work for Autodesk, I just repeat what I have heard about that.
John, When is your article due out? As far as I know, it will be published in the September issue.
Inventor 2013 and 2014 changed the game on this so to speak when the change was made to Appearances rather than Color Styles. The individual color appearance now controls alot of what you are seeing in the Drawing Environment regardless of Specular lighting controls. Here is a link to an ongoing thread on the issue...
Bob, Here is the updated list.
This only works for g/cm^3 though. It seems quite odd that you cannot do value substition on this in the Parts List or at least get lbs/in^3 to even show in the iProperties when you can input that way in the Materials Editor. Why have some settings for US Customary units and then force the use of g/cm^3 only?
Are you using a dual screen setup? If so, try to adjust your windows settings to be only one screen and see if it shows up.
I see no reason why not. It may just involve some extra coding. I know there are some limitations with iLogic and iParts without accessing the API for them.
I believe the SDK tool uses a best fit type of option for this.
Here is a link to an old post which describes it. It will also be in an upcoming AUGI World magazine with some other customizations to Inventor.
Give the new 2013 SDK kit a try it seems to have worked fine for me. The one in this post seemed to have to be used in earlier versions Inventor. As a disclaimer, make sure you have admin rights as well as the UAC and antivirus turned off before you try the new installer in the SDK folder.
For each of these products you absolutely can. For Force Effect you would use your free Autodesk cloud account.
I can get it to be the same color as the Part Color so there is no "concrete" look to it, would that suffice as transparent?
I have not found a way to change the background to a picture. When you say layout, do you mean like a plant layout or overlay? If so then you can do this pretty easily with the Factory Design Suite package of Inventor.
Actually the system is pretty forgiving and does a good job if you do a fair amount of pinch zooming to get it just right. There are also stylus' that can assist with this as well. Truly the more effective system for Sketchbook is using the Desktop application that comes in the Design Suites. With that you can use a Wacom tablet for even better control and more design options.
You shouldn't have to change the ini file to create the drawings and the part, when you perform the translation on the Mechanical Desktop file that has the drawing it it, it will automatically create the part as long as your X-References are valid. But once you get a configuration you want you can save it from the import wizard.