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Interests: Teaching, humanity, laughing
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I think everyone knows we have a left and right side of our brain and one does a whole bunch of arty, creative stuff and one is all science-y and mathematical. Mercedes Benz has featured the left and right side of the brain in a series of print ads out... Continue reading
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Yes, that is true. Rudeness can easily beget rudeness. I often try to give these type of people (like the cereal lady) the benefit of the doubt. I wonder if they just had a really bad day, or they are in a tragic time of their life and just don't have the extra energy to be nice to others, maybe they just can't because they are so empty. I think that if we have that extra energy that we must stay polite, smile and give them their space that they need. It is very important to remember that it is easy to have the giving mindset when you get 'rewarded' for it (by a smile, a kind word, etc.) but to really have the giving mindset you do it for you, not for the reward.
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I have come to believe that the best homework are the activities that draw the parent and child together as learning partners either through creating an authentic costume, a 3-D model or doing research together on an interesting topic. In math, playing a game that supports the strategies learned in class is a quick and fun way to interact and learn more about their child's day at school. In this way, the students are exposed to different ideas, different experts and what they are inquiring into flows between the classroom and the home with no wall drawn between the two.
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Sonya, it is so true. I too started teaching and thought I would do it for three years and then quit. Twenty three years later, I am still loving every day. We have the best jobs in the world because every day is so much fun and the kids are so inspiring. To get through my day I need about nine hours of sleep - I think that tells you how much energy I spend every day listening, laughing and working with my students. It wouldn't be fun if it weren't exhausting. What is?!
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Mar 31, 2011
Hi Sonya. Wow, fun to see my name on your blog. Thanks. Interesting about what you do on Fridays. Just a few weeks ago Brian Lockwood (you know him) told me about a speaker at a recent conference he went to who presented the 80-20 idea. He believes that the best ideas and most productive work comes out of 'free creation time'. So, 80 percent of class time would be structured inquiry and skill based learning and 20 percent would be free inquiry and creation. For a long time I have believed that students work best when they are given this 'play' time. I too, offer my class independent discovery/inquiry time. They are so focused and passionate about what they do when they have this time. The key is to make sure they have background knowledge and skills to support them and propel them further in their learning.
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Mar 31, 2011