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Recent Activity D Greenfield's article on the left and muslims using the victim status of the issue as the driving point of all of this. The show say's that this is all that Islam is and any other view is 'phobic'. But the 18,150 attacks worldwide, almost daily, including homicidal mass murder, slaughters, degradation of non muslims, and oppression of non muslims are not some odd peculiar errancy but the norm of muslim political life throughout it's history and especially now, today, as we are demanded to see Islam as peaceful, and these two as the only view of Islam permitted.... or else. When I see a crowd of a thousand muslims demanding that G Wilders be protected from evil savage fatwa doers, then I'll think that they're worthy of my consideration as 'moderates'. I don't see any of that anywhere, but I do see the demand that we never ever see Mohammed or Islam as Jihadist beliefs or that Jihad means to 'conquer' and 'subdue' non muslims and all that that entails.
The animal must die without evident signs of pain. It must be swift and lethal. Halal has no such treatment of an animal. Hell... they don't treat people any better, so why would they do better to a beast. And no diseased parts may the animal possess. And it's not a prayer to ... 'Al' Make your own choices
"...If this is happening in your area, demand equal time. You want to go into the madrassas and the classrooms of young Muslim minds to preach Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, etc., and the beauty of your religion and how adherents have been victimized by ............ Islam over the past 1,400. Demand reciprocity." I don't think this has ever happened, has it? Where the muslim schools allow non-muslims to discuss their religions differences?!? I mean, once someone mentions that Mohammed commanded that christians and jews would no longer live in arabia, the muslims will howl and racism and demand your silence. Discuss who the crusaders were? What muslim school would allow anyone to show on a blackboard and map just how the muslims erased and submitted all others others destroying the native cultures as well as the rule? It goes on and on... but muslims aren't' going to allow anyone to bring up any of the facts of history let alone theology. And muslim students have been long inoculated against anything anyone says because mohammad said they were evilly disposed to muslims and Islam. And there goes the cultural seeding.... Then just maybe show the numbers killed since 9/11, and how many jihad slaughters there have been and how Islam is the motivating factor in all of them.
If they supply chocalate to IDF soldiers, can someone please post their website so I can buy some chocolate for myself, and some for some IDF soldiers too Mark
The sickness of the 'joke' is that there are maybe, two jews in the entirety of Afganistan. And the buddhists... the one's who once made it a greatly peaceful nation state- why they were cleaned out many hundreds of years ago- and their statues were blown up by the Taliban. They were destroyed. The 1800 and 1600 yr old giant buddhas- blown to bits by the 'poor' taliban. Oh, those mountains there- the 'hindu kush', why there are hindus there- but they are infidels, and live as infidels and as abused and terrorized minions of the 'thirsty' taliban. Here's an idea. Why doesn't someone asked the General about what kind of 'thirst' the Taliban had, that he wiped out all the original inhabitants, destroyed the cultures and peoples who once made the land alive and reasonable and why he'd make a joke out of all that in the first place. Is that his idea of 'piece'? Now that's a joke!
Note the jew hating comment from the guy with a made up name above. That is the modus operandi.... a pox on his filthy house. As to Rush, here's a story that I wanted to confirm with him, if I ever got the chance to call into his show. I was traveling in Israel- I think 02' or 03'. The Jenin massacre lied made me determined to visit Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem, etc etc to meet people, see the land, and learn for myself. The tour of the biblical sites of Israel, Judea, Samaria, Hebron, Jerusalem, the Golan, were traveled intensely for ten days. It was wonderful indeed. Those fine people, living with those cannibals and theologically inspired haters via Islam. Anyway, the guide, an intellectual guy, religious, soft spoken, was asked about the famous people, who come to Israel, to the western wall, and how some would oggle and stare at them,and the guide, mentioned how silly it all seemed to him to see people at the most meaningful of sites and places on the earth, gawking at some ephemeral hollywood personality or some such, when they could be in awe of what was happening under their feet at that most precious of sites. Anyway, I asked about famous people, who came to visit Israel and his same soft spoken tone politely dismissed several people who were named folks who he politely agreed were famous in their professions but simply meant very little from his point of view. He wasn't being arrogant or anything. He simply said what he felt was obvious about superstars and stars in general. He did mention one personality that he wasn't familiar with, but whom he was told later was someone important. He said the guy was named Limbaugh. And he described how the guy traveled and went to each and every biblical site on the tour, and after a day of listening and watching and learning when the guide asked if there were any questions, he mentioned that the guy Limbaugh had remember almost everything he, the guide had spoken of, and had good questions on a number of issues and themes of history, theology, and all the rest. He said he couldn't remember someone who heard and remembered so much of his lecturing and guiding, and who came up with cogent questions and such showing how much he listened and understand from his perspective. So that's the story about a personality, who didn't stand around the western wall, and let people gawk at him, but went on a tour and learned and saw and thought and got what he should have. That's the way I heard the story. mark
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Hi Pam.... when I clicked on the the area to get a po box to send a check to you, it came up as Cat's wikkan supplies at ebay or something like that....? Mark
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"...Religious and ethnic minorities also continued to suffer discrimination in several Arab countries, such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the report said." Such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia?!? In ... several arab countries ?!? Are they serious. How about Gaza, how about fakeistan, how's that religious freedom going there, how about Iran, how's the religious freedom going there, how about all the muslim countries... ALL, EVERYWHERE, where any sharia is tyranny against all INFIDELS. Are they serious? Yes they are. I agree with their assessment of Obama and the US, but it's a muted attempt at getting more money for their work, more than an honest attempt at exposing the tyranny's under which all muslim lands impose upon nonmuslems. Civil rights indeed Mark
Actually this is dandy... we should all accept the challenge and as we were invited, spare nothing in the critique of that fake prophet, terrorist, homicidist, molesting arab called Mohammed. Hence, to answer their stupid assertive questions: 1 neither- the idea of the firmer divinity is beyond the stupid tyranny of the master tyrannizer mohammed who's dualistic laws- one for infidels, one for followers, meant and means that such as martyrdom is for his stinkpot religion, where one 'dies' killing infidels, as opposed to the jewish or christian notion of dying for the principle of right over wrong, or rather specifically dying for your faith, not slaughtering others for it. 2. jesus struggled against many things, but turning his cheek was a paramount concept and practice for him. As opposed to Mohammed, who cut off the heads of poets, slaughtered and enslaved which is why slavery was the cultivation of Islam and currently practiced almost entirely by Islam in the modern world. Slavers, homiciders and that is their implementation of 'divine' law of Mo'. 3. the best one yet... listen carefully, Jesus was a JEW, and those oppressed by the conquerers of that time, the Jews, were called PALESTINIANS and the arabs never called themselves palestinaians until they needed to steal a homeland. Steal, as in the Sharia and 'divine' law of Mohammed to steal all the earth, and treat every other faith as 'infidel' and as all the world theirs. Fakeistinians, and Mohammed is the worst of the lot. Bring it on... and remember, you asked for it....
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A Swell shot of three warriors.... but I must say, Dr Bostom with his glowing hat of lightbulbs and the lightbulbed earrings is really a bit over the top. Mark
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Fine article, by Quincy on Quantum Weirdness. I used to get my subscription to Skeptical Inquirer but it's anti religion, which is just as boring and it was when it was the reverse 500 yrs ago. For me, I like to read those who point out the same weirdness has been calculated in for several thousands of years, and if you think I'm exaggerating, check out some good articles by Dr Gerald Schroeder, MIT nuclear physicist and religious jew, who's articles and audio downloads are worth taking a look and listen too. Here's his artilce on existence at- His site has a bunch more of his articles, as well as audio files, which are wonderfully surprising.