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West Chester, PA
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The memories from the recent run are still fresh but if this team isn't revelant or competitive until the end of the decade yeah it will be a repeat. Doubt that will happen though especially since Comcast will see some return on their tv contract and won't be content to let the ownership group field crappy teams with below average payrolls for the next several years either while they bankroll lots of cash annually.
Loved the CSN post game on O'Sullivan - "Well he didn't give up a 3-run HR tonight" At least the broke the losing streak. All this team can do is avoid too much of an object of mockery or ineptitude.
Night/Home Hamels is still the best version of Hamels and tonight was no exception. Giles looked amped too and this team actually looked like they played a focused game tonight for a change.
St utley getting notably booed on that weak gdp.
Phils poised to move to 10-4 when they get a quality start. Curious to see what gives on Sunday - a guy with an era over 8 at cbp (niese) or a guy who is working his way back and didn't show much of anything in his first start (billingsley)
Hamels has had his best curve of the season tonight and better changeup control than any other outing too.
Have a feeling the Phils missed a big opportunity there especially that 2-1 pitch Howard hit foul.
How does Revere not make 3rd there? Ugh.
Well done and good base running by Chooch.
Nice bunt. Just a lost art.
C. J. Nitkowski is calling for a combined no-hitter tomorrow night with Harvey on the mound and there are likely to be a fair amount of Mets' fans at the games this weekend. Just like the late 80s when the Mets would come to the Vet, kick the crap out of the Phils, and their fans would come out in large numbers while being obnoxious jerks. Likely start with a lot of idiots in the Batman masks wearing Harvey jerseys/tshirts tomorrow.
Wonder if clout will come out of the woodwork and what he will have to say about KK's performance so far this year?
Save some more cash next year by just deploying a scarecrow at 3B instead of Mackanin?
No posts the last few weeks except for Tal promoting his articles which no one apparently reads. Beerleaguer RIP.
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BAP - great summary snd that is exactly what they doing I bet. Got that sense over 2 weeks ago. They have done nothing this offseason to really spring this team ahead forward and even half-asses the rebuild by not moving anyone else including Byrd. My cousin who was home joker with tonight after I said I renewed my season tickets that I should only have to wait until 2022 to watch a winner again. Sadly I think there is a kernel of truth in there. Valid to argue this team should have rebuilt after the end of the '12 season and only have much clearer since then. I really wanted them to trade Lee at the '13 and instead they instead they double-downed on this current core. after what happened last season, any competent organization would have fired Amaro as a result and realized they made a clear mistake. All the Phils have done is essentially waste the last year and half in what they supposedly doing now and yet if this was a rebuilding of a house all they did was tear out some cabinets in the kitchen and tear up some carpet. Still has the hideous pink tile in the bathroom,outdated bathroom/kitchen appliances, and old windows that need to be replaced. Basically a mess and hardy worthy of any pats on the bat. Like bob Vila though, Amaro is only really pretending to be a gm and he has been much of a disaster when he tries to actually rebuild without qualified professionals around him. Merry Xmas to all and a good bet to sleep on this team until pitchers and catchers because the only thing Amaro is doing is updating the player 3 x 5 index cards until then.
1 reply Good book for Christmas and this part was really fascinating. "Over 4 years of testing, and 387 minor and major league players, Rosenbaum and his team found an average visual acuity around 20/13. Position players…had better vision than pitchers, and major league players had better vision than minor leaguers. Major league position players had an average right eye visual acuity of 20/11 and an average left eye visual acuity of 20/12. In the test of fine depth perception, 58 percent of the baseball players scored “superior,” compared with 18 percent of a control population. In tests of contrast sensitivity, the pro players scored better than collegiate baseball players had in previous research, and collegiate baseball scored better than young people in the general population. In each eye test, pro baseball players were better than nonathletes, and major league players were better than minor league players. “Half the guys on the Dodger’s major league roster were 20/10 uncorrected,” Rosenbaum says. The two largest population studies of visual acuity, one from India and one from China, give a sense of just how rare 20/10 vision might be. In the Indian study, out of 9411 tested eyes, one single eye had 20/10 vision. In the Beijing Eye Study, only 22 out of 4438 eyes tested at 20/17."
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According to research conducted by Jon Roegele at the Hardball Times, the strike zone has grown by 40 square inches since 2009, with most of the new real estate coming below the knees — three extra inches, in fact — while also squeezing in from the corners. The result is a game that now rewards players who can expand the zone down, but not side to side. “You want to have a diverse group of hitters in your lineup, ideally, who can handle different type of pitches, different types of areas in the zone,” Hahn said. Really nice article from John Tamase in the Boston Herald this weekend about why the Red Sox are acquiring some of the players they did. I would have to look but this would see to hurt Lee a bit who really likes to work the corners especially the outside corner vs LH hitters with his sinker (really more of a hard sinker that doesn't sink as much)/cutter away.
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Trading Utley is something the Phils should strongly consider this offseason along with Byrd.
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Phils 2015 Calendar arrived for season tickets holders: - included monthly features for Giles/Diekman (odd), Asche, and Sizemore. - didn't include photos of Byrd, Papelbon, or Brown - had 2 months of non-player photos like when this team sucked including a fireworks photo for July and a Santa Phanatic photo for Dec.
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TTI - it has been to a degree. Phils acknowledged that was a key reason they traded pence even though they weren't in danger if going over the luxury tax threshold after they had moved Blanton and Vic. I was really surprised they signed Burnett to the deal they deal instead of going with a projected payroll of $161M. Not dramatically lower more not what they spent in '12 which was $176M. Not that the Phiks are cheap or pinching dimes. It is that when they are spent $175m on payroll there are some indications they are uncomfable at that level of spending especially given the trend in gate revenues the past few years and being stuck in a paltry old TV contract. Said along I thought the Phild would open next year with a payroll at $155-160m. Certainly not cheap but a meaningful difference from $175-180 too. If the Phils move another big salary like Utley and opem with a payroll closer to $145-150, then it was a bigger issue than they are letting on. My bet is they sign a veteran starting pitcher to a very moderate base of say 4-5m and that is their biggest foray into the fa market this offseason.
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As some time has passed with these transactions, I can't help but think that the 'rebuild' was announced in large part due to fidcal issues including another large projected drop in gate revenue and getting squeezed before the new tv deal with Comcast kicks in. It gives the Phils cover to drop the Opening Day payroll to $155-160 and move additional salary at the deadline too especially Lee. Even allows them a bit of latitude to say 'okay now we are giving Amaro two years to begin fixing this since his contract runs through '15. For an organization's well documented draft and development failures the past decade, there hasn't been a lot of change in the minor league system or the fo. Just a few changes at the top but largely status who including general vagueness beyond rebuilding. Nothing really on what the the Phillies Way org development means nor any real indications they have developed new IT enterprise systems nor hired any additional analytics folks. Even Hinkie who manage more bunker style and only talks to the media when forced gives out some notice an new analytics hires and some basic things they are doing.
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Rally Red - Halladay went from being an 7-8 WAR player annually this first two seasons to a 0 WAR his last two years. If Halladay even had a slight failoff and was more of a 4-5 WAR starter, the '12 team would have been contenders and wouldn't have had the sell off at deadline. Who knows maybe they even make the playoffs if they pick up a bullpen arm and minor bench help. As for those who criticize the Howard extension because of how big sluggers age and their risk of injury, what about handing out long, large dollar contracts to veteran starters who are entering their mid-30s?
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Bigger issue than Howard's contract was investing heavily in starting free agent pitching. Halladay crumbling so quickly and essentially being a worthless starting pitcher after '11 had a far bigger impact on this club's fortunes than Howard. Also not being able to trade aging veterans and hitting on a single prospect from either the Lee/Pence trades. If they had gotten one solid player out of each, this team wouldn't be quite behind the eight ball right now.
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If the Phils don't want to move salary because it is self-defeating and they don't get prospects, then they just play their way through the next two with Papelbon and Howard. Both will be off the books and possibly move trade candidates at the '16 deadline. I'm sure they will try and move Lee at the deadline this year. If the Phils are going to stuck, then suck hard enough to get a Top 5 pick and free up some payroll to make a run at a foreign player or two. Increasingly optimistic they contend in '17 under any circumstances though. Hole problem with this though is that they have a rudderless FO. It is far and away the biggest issue looming over the club and not remedying it this offseason is likely I bet to really haunt this team for another year.
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