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Always hilarious to read architectural responses to 'homelessness.' But only when intentionally misunderstood it becomes a 'wicked problem.' Standing alone, chronic homelessness is something of a misleading idea. It is well documented chronic homelessness is, for the most part, a direct result of untreated addiction and mental illness. Because we as a nation, state, county and city have intentionally and purposefully unfunded the well-understood bio-socio-psycho-spiritual solutions to these complex illnesses, homelessness is a predictable symptom. Leadership, science and bureaucracy have failed us. Your essay, as the advocacy of many who are engaged in the property development industry, forgets most chronically homeless persons have these untreated illnesses. You're not alone. The Bud Clark Commons, yes a nice building, soaked up years worth of money for 150+ people, for whom there is no indication the underlying cause is resolved. The facility is only arguably necessary within the context of a non-functioning treatment system. Within the context of no context. Saying architecture is a solution for homelessness is like saying football makes UO a better school. It misunderstands the subject, misdirects money from a solution, and rewards the wrong. Love your site. I am a routine visitor. I learn something with every read. J Renaud
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Dec 13, 2012