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I enjoy showing companies how to tell a better story so their Salespeople can sell value and differentiate their offering.
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Two great sentences all rolled into one great insight. "In the new world of social business, the sales pitch has been replaced by a fluid conversation between equal partners. The focus is on situational fluency." "If the prospect has already completed 80 percent of the fact finding in the purchase process, it's the salesperson's job to deliver the remaining 20 percent within the allocated time frame set aside for the conversation." This will require Salesperson to be even better than they are today. As for Social Media, I sometimes wonder if winning at Social Media is like being a rock star. Yes 1 in 100 get it right and get the traffic yet there are 99 others who invested time and didn't get onto Google's first page?
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I just re-read this post. What a great article. I have printed it for reference. Thanks
I just re-read this post. What a great article. I have printed it for reference. Thanks
Great article. Thanks. The main thing I learned from Acting is that “Acting is about Reacting”. So, in a sales call, I will try- sometimes successfully- to just listen to the Buyer and trust that when they finish I will know what to say, instead of listening in order to … make my point, win the argument or make the sale. I guess it boils down to shining your attention on the Buyer instead of your sales process or yourself. I would love to hear if Julie offers any exercise to help Salespeople discover this truth and see how they can often get in the way of the sale.
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Well thought out. I use video yet haven't thought it through as deeply. Thank you Michael
For people like myself who don't have your experience in this side of Marketing, we can be lost in trying to figure out the effectiveness of these toys. E-mail Marketing: I do email marketing, do you use Open rates (difficult now that many don’t accept dot/image to measure open rates), click through (my Buyers use a blackberry so I don’t see then clicking) or do you go opt-in yet many like myself haven’t. I checked your book and you say that the days of rent a list are gone. It’s now opt-in so I guess that's the answer yet a painfull one. Website Tracker: I would like to track who visits my website through reverse IP address look-up to get the company name yet I am told that you can only do this with a few visitor say 10-20%. Have you done a blog on the tools? Would you say email marketing, don’t bother unless it’s opt-in. Website tracking, worth the bother? Thanks for your bog and book
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I just got my copy from Amazon today. I agree stories are important because I have often thought that people don’t change until they tell themselves a different story. Influencing change is difficult when Buyers are so entrenched in the status quo. That’s the challenge for Marketers like you Ardath and for Sales Trainers like me. I have found that Stories help influence change because Stories are a very soft sell. Stories, for instance, present a scenario that allows Buyers to develop awareness through their own sense of discovery. Buyers trust this discovery because they made it and they begin to trust the Story Seller for telling it. This helps get beyond the Buyer’s status quo protective barrier to new ideas and insights. I am dying to start reading it…tonight. I also liked the book Influencer because the author had an interesting take on stories. I also liked how Dan and Chip Heath covered stories in Made to Stick and Switch. But you are right Ardath; most of the books on Stories haven’t inspired me. Thanks for the post.
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Mar 7, 2011