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Interests: Tennis, Soccer, Online Gaming, Economics
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In Serie A action, Inter down 2-0 against Catania in the first 45. they pull back two late to make it 2-2 in the 80th minute. 84th now and Inter have created a few more chances. Very exciting contest in the final minutes.
Agreed. I feel that way about a number of AC Milan players.
Um excuse me, I think we new that.
Hahahahaha wow epic shootout!
Meanwhile, 119th minute, African Cup of Nations final it still remains 0-0. Looks like it is headed to a shootout.
Wow, Benzema times his run perfectly on the left wing and curls it around the keeper into the far netting. 4-2
Levante pull one back. Real Madrid leads 3-2 63rd minute.
Hat trick for CR7 after being down 1-0 early to Levante. Real Madrid seem to be cementing that top spot in La Liga.
Damn, Cote d'Ivoire has such a loaded line-up, don't see how they lose this. Drogba, Kalou, Tiote, Gervinho, Toure Bros?!
African Cup of Nations final about to begin. I'll go with a 2-1 win for Cote d'Ivoire. Predictions anyone?
Finally some excitement in the City Villa match... streaker on the pitch! haha
The real question is if this was a good thing, because you forgot to mention that. The fact is, a player needs to get into it sometimes. ;)
Your previous arguments start to lose any weight they may have had when you resort to pointing out spelling errors. And I would hardly classify Evra's reaction to the handshake snub as battery. Secondly, I believe that both Suarez and Evra are classless idiots.
That being said, I agree with what others here have been posting. I hope Redknapp stays at Spurs. Think he would be mad to give up that position to manage England where the expectations are even higher.
Good news for England. If Redknapp turns out to be the replacement I think it only improves their chances.
Ugh, just realized its on ESPN 3. I could have been watching it! Sounds like I haven't missed out on much though, haha. Oh, tuned in just as they scored the second.
That sounds good to me. Even though they aren't the most spectacular team, if he is experiencing the italian defensive structure it can only be good for his defensive awareness. Any updates to his play for the rest of the match?
Donovan goes down in the box. Only a corner given.
Right wing according to Ives on Twitter.
I seem to remember you commenting on how the commentators loved Man City when they were playing Chelsea a week or two back. Maybe they have certain biases but for the most part they call something how they see it on the tape.
And Basel with the go ahead penalty!! WOW 3-2 Basel
Basel making a match of it! As a neutral this should make for some exciting soccer in the final 20+ minutes.
Pretty quiet in here this morning. The upcoming bolton-liverpool fixture should be entertaining. I expect both teams to be attack minded, especially with Suarez getting the start.
Very true, thought he played fantastic, could have had a goal.