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When I heard about David Cameron's intentions for repeal, I decided after being a lifelong Tory that it was time to find another party to support. Reading many of the comments above just confirms to me that my decision was absolutely sound. I then went on to campaign against this repeal and have since met people and groups from all classes, all parties, all areas of this country, and one thing is very clear: There is no case for repeal. Hunt numbers are up all over the country. Drag hunting is legal. The sense of community, pageantry, heritage, and jobs are all still intact and yet these disgraceful people can’t manage to enjoy themselves unless they are terrifying and killing animals. The hunts have been creating artificial earths throughout history in order for foxes to breed and flourish and now have the gall to play the 'pest control' card for those gullible enough to believe it. It was great to see the Conservatives Against Foxhunting petition last week and now the farmers are getting together to do something similar. So many say they were duped into marching on London for a range of rural issues only to find the CA using their numbers to claim pro-hunt support. Cameron will regret this decision for many years to come!
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Jan 13, 2010