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A very thoughtful insight. In my reading what the German war aim was was rather different in WWI. Germany was concerned about Russia developing railheads to the border of Germany such that Germany would be vulnerable to sudden attack from Russia*, something like Ukraine has faced in the dispute over eastern Ukraine recently. *The Pity of War by Roberts
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The vote of individual Latinos in the last election is likely to be very influential in determining the social structure in which the undocumented worker exists in going forward here in the U.S. If 'their votes may not effectively reflect their interests or much knowledge of the issues,' they, nevertheless, look to have effected something they care about.
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In Dallas, you can drive down Northwest Highway and the sign on the bank says,'Acceptamos Matricula,' accepting the Mexican identity paper for opening a bank account. That is consistent with current U.S. law. Well, we accept their money based on carrying the card; how about accepting the bearer of the money. In the EU Frenchmen were moving to Ireland for jobs. That didn't mean they would vote in Irish elections or a referendum. Why not do the same here and have free flow of persons in the NAFTA area? That would instantly legitimize the Mexicans in the U.S.
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Sep 26, 2012