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"It's time to fight. It's time to fight for public servants." You know, this spectacle has just become ridiculous. I was a REAL public servant. And I had to SQUASHED because I called BS!!! on the wrong right people. The "public servants" who should have stood up for me/my rights craned their necks looking the other way. So do not tell me "it's time" to stand up for public servants. Hurl worthy. These people are NOT "servants". They are public leeches and parasites drunk on their own power. And they are dragging the citizens of Greensboro along behind them for the change that falls out of their pockets.
Ann Coulter's remarks were spot-on. The whole country has gone NUTS. Mobs rule. They really lost me when they went after the Duke Boys and the General Lee. It appears I'm not alone. Prices of models of the General are skyrocketing on E-Bay, and flags are flying off store shelves. The business of removing flags from historical forts and battlefields is just revisionist and moronic. Defacing monuments - NOT COOL. I see a backlash coming. The South will rise again - at the voting booth.
"The exercise of free speech is, after all, often quite unpopular." More and more so every day.
". . . at least for a time." Kinda like the housing market before the fall.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2015 on King v. Burwell at Triad Conservative
Ah yes, And here's the blogger king - and Cone board member - wishing Joe well. North Carolina will NOT respond in the way you wish, Joe. It is what it is. The Republicrats in Raleigh are a bunch of gutless (insert word not acceptable in mixed company). I fully expected the Supremes to legitimize gay marriage. As a Southern Baptist with married gay friends, I continue to struggle internally (on Biblical grounds) - they know it - I see no reason to lie. But I know my friends are celebrating today, and they should be. Being Americans, they've pursued their happiness for a long time - never mind the roadblocks - they lived their lives as they wanted - and now they feel vindicated. I love them with all my heart. Jesus loves them too. They are happy. In the end, that's what matters most. My innards will just have to jiggle. Politically speaking, here's the thing: The decision takes the issue OFF the table as an election hurdle for candidates to trip and waffle over (Clinton and Obama were against it - supposedly on Biblical grounds - before they were for it) . . . and instead now puts Republicans in the enviable position of legislatively and legally championing the free speech and religious rights of fundamentalist/traditional Christians - that is, if they have the stones for it. As for the King v. Burwell decision. I hear hospital stocks went WAY up. Overpaid executives will be empowered to be even bigger jerks . . . and doctors will ALWAYS come in last . . . as this "dime-a-dozen" Pediatrician did when she cleaned up a Cone-owned doctor's mess seventeen years ago. As with Roberts' elaborate contortions, words (in a Federal contract) didn't mean anything. As I look at the gay marriage decision today, I see great irony in the fact that, as a straight American physician who played by all of our nation's traditional rules, lived by its values, believed in the rule-of-law, and honorably discharged the duties of a public service obligation in her own hometown, I've not been able to live/practice as I wished since the moment I faced the twits running Randolph Hospital down. Back when he was a "journalist", it never seemed to bother our dear Edward - who now sits on Cone's Board and could do/say something about what happened way-back-when NOW. And/so I'm not EVER going to let Mr. Cone live down selling-out a fellow blogger for a seat on that board. He doesn't get to lecture me on recognizing the rights of others - when my rights were trampled because, in standing up for a patient who did not die because I was there, I pissed off the hospital that now affords him a chair in its Boardroom. My married gay friends are finally happy living in Asheboro - one of the last truly Republican strongholds in North Carolina. I am still wandering - far from home. I told them they would get their "justice" before I EVER saw mine. As you ridicule Joe (Andrew) and offer mealy-mouthed platitudes (Edward), put that in your scotch and swirl it. Scalia was right. If We-the-People cannot rely upon the wording of a Federal law (or contract) what can we really rely on?
Hospital stocks did go up after the ruling. Heavy sigh.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2015 on King v. Burwell at Triad Conservative
Joe, I do think that we are on the slow methodical march to socialized medicine. That is most certainly what will happen when Obamacare implodes on its very shaky fiscal foundation - IF the Republicans don't grow some gonads and present a good alternative. In my short lifetime, I have seen the political winds blow from one extreme to another. Right now, we seem to be under the thumb of some kind of warped liberal Fascism. It's really scary - and much of it is fundamentally un-American. From what I see on the ground - we are due for a STORM. As a physician several times burned by corporate medicine, I don't have much left except to hope for change - I want to dance in that rain when it comes.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2015 on King v. Burwell at Triad Conservative
I was not surprised. I was disappointed. Scalia's scathing dissent was brilliant - and spot on. A friend, trying to talk me out of the deep dark funk he could tell I was in this evening, said that it's time to let the law fail economically - as all the numbers he's ever seen indicate it is doomed to do. Obamacare is and always has been a glorified pyramid scheme. I expect more states might consider opting out (because the Feds can pick up their slack - SCOTUS said so) . . . more employers will be laying off employees/using contractors . . . more small town hospitals will be going under . . . and EVERYONE will be under the knuckle of insurance companies/medical conglomerates. Sooner or later the middle class is going to get tired of paying the bills that kill - and will revolt under the strain. But more people have to get HURT first. I expect that the Republicans who were elected in-large-part to lead the charge to repeal the ACA are breathing a sigh of relief. It's not their mess - the Dems truly do OWN the thing now - along with all of the unintended consequences that those of us in the trenches are seeing/dealing with every day. It will, of course, be a big issue in the next Presidential election. For if it indeed "here to stay", the next question is . . . HOW DO YOU FIX IT? I don't think we can.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2015 on King v. Burwell at Triad Conservative
The notion that ANY of this is provider-led is just a damned lie. You nailed it. The NC Medical Board and Medical/Pediatric Societies are USELESS in terms of real "in-the-trenches" advocacy for physicians.
I do not think this model would be viable in Pediatrics - simply because we've descended so far into near socialist medicine as it is.
Joe, you should recall that while I wanted Bev out, I was lukewarm (at best) with regards to my support for McCrory. His "religion" is and always has been about supporting big business no matter what. A LOT of "suits" in Charlotte should have GONE TO JAIL over the near-billion-dollar "disproportionate share" hospital billing fiasco - that Carolinas Medical Center "oversaw" during McCrory's tenure as Mayor. Wink-wink. Nod-nod. Crooks look after crooks.
Yes, indeed. As soon as our legacy-seeking President made his unholy deal, the Iranians were telling us he lied about what's in the deal. Of course, this President lying to the American people is nothing new. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. Don't worry that the little-hospital-that-always-could before the law was passed is now pad-locked. That lady who died in the back of an ambulance waiting on a medical chopper wasn't you or anybody you loved. It's no big thing that you cannot afford what we told you would be affordable. And hey, the IRS can't take half its phone calls, but it's going to do a really swell job policing medicine. And so on . . . Sorry, Joe. I should have never have touched the template keys.
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2015 on Killing Jesus, Then and Now at Triad Conservative
Thanks for sharing that Joe. I actually posted it ON MY BLOG! I had almost forgotten how the template worked. Smiling.
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2015 on Killing Jesus, Then and Now at Triad Conservative
After two years of hell, it all came to a head for me this past fall, Joe. There are some things one encounters in my line-of-work that are simply unacceptable - and there is NO WAY to make them acceptable. Deciding what to do about it (I had some help this time) pretty much determines who you are. Pretty much like it did the first time. I was gonna post more. But I think I'll save it for Housecalls - when my decisions are made.
". . . a blog works best for longer posts . . ." You just gotta laugh.
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2015 on 10 Years of Blogging at Triad Conservative
Joe, nobody really reads the rag - they're all but giving it away. The N&O in Raleigh has taken the same sharp left turn. If either of these litter-pan liners were more objective in their editorial stances, they might have more readers. But Buffet/ MUST control the show. In hindsight, I believe the whole "citizen journalism" thing was a scheme for the left to control/steer the local political dialogue - it back-fired as we got to see their true colors. And now, there is precious little real dialogue. It took me a long time, but I have given up on North Carolina. I've been black-listed (for all that our dear Edward Cone has crawled into his corporate hole and will not engage on the embarrassing subject) by all of the interconnected big centers - because I have this pesky habit of telling suits/lawyers the truth that they don't want to hear. For all of the yammering and wailing and gnashing of teeth about "academic freedom" and "free speech", and even as doctors walk away from hospital call in droves, NONE of these places wants to hire a conservative medical blogger who took on a hospital and actually "won". As for the noble blathering about poverty and child abuse and what we "MUST" do as a society to help the poorest and sickest . . . inpatient Pediatrics is getting the short shrift just about everywhere in NC. Things are only going to get worse for the children here. It's only about what can be done on the cheap. The things I have seen over the last two years would enrage parents - if they only knew. There is at least one local hospital-in-desperate-need that could put my considerable skills to good use tomorrow - but since what these places do has NEVER really been about what's best "for the children", that's not going to happen. So "moving on" for me means hopping a state line, finding a place that really does care about its own, minimizing the blogging and ultimately writing a book. Ed always did used to HATE my "long-form". It's North Carolina's loss.
" . . . to get a conversation going." Seriously? These people KILL me. Well, they tried anyway. Hope Ed is enjoying his perch on the Cone Board of Trustees. He sold the portion of his soul that claimed to be a journalist to get it.
You've put up with a lot of garbage, Joe. You rock.
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2015 on 10 Years of Blogging at Triad Conservative
Ms. Wade's proposal seems very "progressive" and fair to me.
"The Medieval Christian threat is under control." That comment alone gets Bobby Jindal my vote for President.
Do a simple Google search. Wikipedia. Watch the video. Everybody there had guns. The CWP came to a predominantly black neighborhood in Greensboro to use the residents their for their own purposes - inciting violence - behaving badly - ASKING for a fight. And they got it. A few police were there (as would be the case anywhere for any rally or parade or protest) - just not in overwhelming force. I suppose everyone would be happier now if some cops had been killed. Multiple criminal trials and lawsuits ensued. Truth and reconciliation (I do remember those days in the blogosphere). But hindsight doesn't seem to have gifted anyone with wisdom or 20-20 vision. And really, in terms of the rhetoric, WHAT is better nearly 40 years later? What did we learn? How did the tragedy change our behavior or our speech? Because you can still yell "Nazi" or "your're supporting the Klan" at a City Council meeting because an elected official disagrees with you over the meaning of a word you want to carve in stone - and use to "teach" younger generations history. And you ultimately get what you incite - because good people are afraid of being on the wrong end of your insults. They think giving you what you want will make you go away. You haven't "won" anything. Not really. It's NOT the world Dr. King envisioned - or fought and died for. It is shameful.
"They (the survivors) got much better than they deserved." Indeed. And this deplorable incident does NOT deserve a "historical marker".
Edward, please. It's not about the timing of when you "retired" your blog, and you know it. It's about how you were ulimately rewarded for your long and faithful service (as a "journalist") regularly bashing the crap out of a local MD who stood up to the healthcare system whose board you now sit on. If I had not once been foolish enough to believe in the concept of "citizen journalism" . . . if I had not come to you (as the mighty "blogger-king" of Greensboro) begging for HELP (only to have you/your progressive cronies regularly chew up my soul and spit it out - I mean, MY GOD, you even ponyed-up with a violent cyber-stalker because it suited your purposes!?!) . . . if I were not someone who spent YEARS pounding the keyboards - screaming THE TRUTH about what was done to me - all to cover up for the stupid/selfish/dangerous things a physician "owned" by YOUR sacred healthcare system did (nearly killing an innocent baby girl) . . . I might buy what you're selling now. But I don't. We both stopped blogging. Just for the record, I had to do it because I've been black-listed (and now can connect the dots all the way back to Asheboro - not to mention all the way around to Charlotte and your hallowed healthcare system's managing partner). It does not matter how hard I work - or how good I am at what I do now. I fought back - and I am damned forever because of it. Cone's best interests MUST be served. I don't know what you "learned" writing your columns and blogging for all those years - but it most certainly didn't have anything to do with good medicine. Of course, good medicine is not what hospitals are really about these days is it? We got what YOU wanted and it's killing us.
You left out bloggers. I know. I made a funny. I do note that our dear Edward Cone is keeping a very low profile since being appointed to the Board of Cone Healthcare . . . . . . his reward for trashing another blogger who came to him for help. You see how that works . . .
Ladd's open letter was pretty nauseating. And I do get most of my information elsewhere.