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Nice to hear from you. Congratulations on your John Winslow discovery. That means you're a Mayflower Descendant due to his wife Mary Chilton. Kenelm Winslow is one of my many close calls on the Mayflower. My bibliography of winslow literature is: "Clues to the Ancestry of Winslow of Droitwich" TAG 41(1965 ):168-175 "Governor Edward Winslow's Mother's Family: The Olivers" TAG 42 (1966):52-55 "Mayflower Winslows: Yeomen or Gentlemen" by John G. Hunt NEHGR 121 (1967):25-9 and NEHGR 122 (1968):175-8 and 124 (1970):182-3 "Winslow Memorial: Family Records of the Winslows and Their Descendants in America" Volume I: Kenelm Winslow by David Parsons Holton (New York, 1877) NEHGR 25 (1871):355-57 et seq. Mayflower Descendants 1967 p. 25-9 and 1968 p. 175-8 "The Cabinetmakers of America" by Ethel Hall Bjerkoe (Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1957) Robert Charles Anderson "The Great Migration Begins; Immigrants to New England 1620-1633" Vol. 1 (NEHGS, Boston, 1995) (Adams) “The Winslow Families of Worcestershire 1400-1700” by Brandon Fradd (Boston, Mass.: Newbury Street Press, 2009) The Great Migration Directory: Immigrants to New England 1620-1640 A Concise Compendium by Robert Charles Anderson, FASG (Boston, Mass.: NEHGS, 2015). Jesse Tarbert, “Recent Winslow Gleanings: New Details about the Life and Career of Edwardᴬ Winslow,” The Mayflower Descendant 71 (Winter 2023): 5–26
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Moses Cleveland was baptized at St. Stephen's Church. Isaac Cleveland was baptized at St. Mary at the Elms. Richard Cleveland was baptized at Saint Nicholas Church. Records are at all three churches.
Did you ever join the DAR on Benjamin York or Abner Coffin?
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Essex the town or Essex the county. What author? Thanks.
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I would suggest consulting the 3 volume Cleveland Genealogy which I cite in my blog posting. It is extensive. I would watch out for the information you already have. No one had a name like Lord Elija Elisha Paulus Cleveland in the 18th century (or any century for that matter).
I am a Hollick (Holic) so there must be some relation between Anna and me. I've seen the name Padzamsky but not as a relation. I would guess all the Holics of Tura Luka are somehow related. Who were Anna's parents?
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Egypt was a blast. The traffic in Cairo is crazy, how did you deal with it for so long? I've always wanted to do a Cleveland family reunion, descendants of John and Amy (Martin) Cleveland. But sadly I don't know the first thing about organizing such an event.
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I consider her a former ancestor now. I never proved to my satisfaction the parentage of my fourth great grandmother Polly Dudley or Daniels Learned. So everything behind her is gone. Sorry for the delay in replying I've just been in Egypt for several weeks. Traveling agrees with me more than genealogy does.
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Thanks for the heads up.
I hate to burst your bubble, but I had my DNA tested and I am 100% European. No Native American in me whatsoever. I had this done to see if some of these legends were true. I suggest you get your DNA tested at 23andme or Ancestry and they will give you a breakdown of you ethnicities by percentage.
Not to my knowledge. The NHSOG publishes the New Hampshire Genealogical Record so you can get back issues from them of the article in print. Otherwise, the NEHGS is slowly digitizing back issues of journals, but they haven't done the Record yet.
That may be so, but at that time it was customary to name children the same given name so that at least one of them would survive. So, it is likely William had a son William by his first wife and another son William by his third wife. It is the elder son that was the heir.
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We're talking about two different families here.
You are right that Magna Carta Ancestors shows William as the son of the first wife Aline de Multon. I haven't seen a correction by Douglas Richardson for this. It is repeated in “Whose Son was Peter de Braose?” by F.N. Craig, NEHGR 150 (1996):315-324. I'm not sure why I chose to make Mary de Ros his mother (except that I must have seen the FMG website). I'll confess that after a while you get lazy. I descend from Peter de Braose anyway, so I get Mary de Ros that way. And I get William, the 2nd Lord Braoase twice also, through daughters Joan and Aline. It makes more sense for William to be the son of the first marriage since he was the heir, and therefore the eldest. So, perhaps Rose Stoughton doesn't descend from those two other Magna Carta Sureties. Sorry.
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I don't really know. I played around with my database for a bit and found no relationship with the other five of the other sureties (Henry de Bohun, Robert de Vere, Geoffrey de Say, Robert Fitz Walter, John Fitz Robert). She does descend from William D'Aubigny of Belvoir and Robert de Ros as follows: Sir Robert de Ros m. Isabel d'Aubigny (see my earlier posts) Mary de Ros m. Sir William de Braiose, Lord of Bramber and Gower William de Braiose, 2nd Lord Braiose of Bramber m. Agnes (---) Aline de Braiose m. Sir John de Mowbray, 2nd Lord Mowbray This connects with the line of Sir William de Mowbray posting. So that gets her 12 of the 17 barons. She's collaterally related to the other five, but not directly descended (to my knowledge) from them. Martin
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Not to my knowledge. I really don't know. I have many Oyster River ancestors and I don't believe we know any of their English origins. Some of my ancestors are second generation immigrants. John Davis is from Haverhille (James Davis) and Job Runnels is from Maine (William Reynolds). John Davis's English origins are known (but yet to be published--Acton Turville, Gloucestershire). His wife Cecily Thayer was from Thornbury, Gloucestershire. But again they went to Haverhill and their children went to Oyster River. I'm sorry I don't have any clues to help you.
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No, Abraham Clark is lost to history. We have very little on him. I wrote an article on him and his wife and their descendants in the New Hampshire Genealogical Record. He probably died in an Indian Raid in 1694. Deliverance, Wife of Abraham1Clark and Nathaniel2 Lamos of Oyster River Parish, New Hampshire, by Martin E. Hollick, New Hampshire Genealogical Record 27 (2010):1-10.
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I am blissfully unaware of this matter. I have Threlfall's book on my shelf and the accompanying poster on my wall. I haven't read anything in the last twenty years about Thomas Bradbury except for Kirk's article. I doubt I would have missed something. Oh well.
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2015 on Robert de Ros ca. 1170-1226 at The Slovak Yankee
BTW, the line would be: 1. Robert de Ros m. Isabel of Scotland 2. Sir William de Ros m. Lucy Fitz Piers 3. Sir William de Ros m. Eustache Fitz Ralph 4. Ivetta de Ros m. Sir Geoffrey le Scrope 5. Sir Stephen le Scrope m Isabel (---) 6. Joan le Scrope m. William Pert 7. Isabel Pert m. Robert Conyers 8. Joan Conyers m. Sir Philip Dymoke 9. Sir Thomas Dymoke m. Margaret de Welles 10. Joan Dymoke m. John Fulnetby 11. Katherine Fulnetby m. William Dynewell 12. Anne Dynewell m. Henry Whitgift 13. William Whitgift m. Margaret Bell 14. Elizabeth Whitfigt m. Wymond Bradbury 15. Thomas Bradbury The key generations in doubt would be #11 and 12.
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2015 on Robert de Ros ca. 1170-1226 at The Slovak Yankee
It depends on how you view the ancestry of Thomas Bradbury. If you want that which is definitely proven, then no. Thomas has a line to the Marmions which gets you to ancient French Kings. If you believe the article I edited by Marshall Kirk and there is a tie to Edward I, then perhaps. For this exercise, I'm just going on really proven lines, which is why I'm concentrating on Elizabeth (Mansfield) Wilson and Rose (Stoughton) Otis.
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I'm sorry but the Pinkhams of Maine never interested me. I exclusively studied the Pinkhams of New Hampshire. When they went to Maine, I stopped looking at them. The Pinkham Genealogy of 1908 delves into the Pinkhams of Maine quite a lot which is another reason I never studied them. You might check there.
Yes, he wrote a whole article on the knightly family of Felbrigge and how the Bures family must be a cadet branch of the knightly family. However, there are no probates for the Felbrigges so we can only be certain from Thomas Felbrigge on. His paternity is questionable, either an Edward or a Robert. But he names sons both names. So, you have to assume that somehow the Philibricks descend from this knightly family.
Well someday I hope to see all of Ireland, both the republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Someday. I have two pdfs of Lawrences charts from PRONI if you want them. Just send me your email and I'll pass them along to you.
We are doubly related. I descend from Martha Lawrence and Finlay Sinclair. This is a case where two brothers married two sisters. Are you still in Ireland? I haven't visited yet, but plan to. I'm in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Thanks for writing.
Hello Dave. Just saw your latest article in TAG. Congratulations. So why haven't you found the English origins of John Elderkin yet?
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