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Michael Hyatt
Nashville, TN
Interests: running, computing, and golf, reading, writing, photography
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I downloaded this album on your recommendation and love it! It is unlike anything else I have. Awesome!
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2009 on If On a Winter's Night.... at Anam Cara
I am so grateful that you found JJ. That had to be the three longest hours of your life. Wow! Thanks for sharing this experience.
This is a beautiful post, Randy. I feel the same way about my father. As the years go by, he becomes even more precious to me. Thanks for taking time to share this!
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Several of the early church fathers believed that the Incarnation would have happened even without the Fall, because the goal of human life is “theosis” (i.e., “becoming like God”). Many modern Christians seem to want to skip over the Incarnation and go straight to Christ’s Passion. Both are important, of course, but this is the season to reflect on the Incarnation. A great place to begin is St. Athanasius, On the Incarnation. It is available free online. The introduction by C.S. Lewis is priceless. You can find it here:
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I feel your pain, brother. My legs ached—and, like you, I'm a runner!
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