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Mia Vanderbilt
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ha ha excited for you sister. Keep rocking the world.
Ok I am one of your fans, but I disagree with the training part. I think what you do is awesome, and you give so many people hope. However, I do think people need to be professionally trained, and they need to have a license before they are allowed to do intervention. I have experienced both good and BAD therapy, and most of the bad therapy evolved from lack of education, and not because they chose to be bad therapists "Great interventionists are not created through studies and training but come from within. Intervention is the art of connecting instantly with addicted individuals, in a way that allows them to come forward and open themselves to the opportunity for change. This is a skill that cannot be taught, it is innate. " Education teaches one to think differently, and a license protects the public. Just my opinion, and you know I am a fan. Peace sister and hope to see you around. Mia
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Nov 18, 2010
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Nov 18, 2010