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Michael Hallisey
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I want to agree with you from a couple post back about how your not going to sell anymore of your domain names, it may be hard to get into a new business just because you own the domain but the day you figure it out its going to be a complete gold mine. Plus its more fun to tell people you have it then you use to have it!
Hi Rick, "Domains will go up faster in value than any other asset in the history of mankind." Now this makes since. This is posted all over the internet that Bill Gates quoted it.
You know that pigeon looks like a nice gentle bird. Why is he the bad one? LOL Is TRAFFIC coming to Los Angeles CA any time?
OK MiniDiggers, Maybe will just have to add a few more domains too the list. is now on the list! Anyone else that fines a good domain for a thousand on Sedo let me know!
George... I am sure your right. I searched through about 2000 domain names and these where the best I found. There is this ugly world of crape domain names everywhere you look. They didn't make any sense, their spelled wrong, there is page after page of 4 letters! (creepy voice)"Buy me, Buy me for a $1000 I am :)"
Hi Rick, I made a new list for the Pigeon Test. If your not too busy maybe you can check it out and give me your top 10. :) I picked out 50 $1000 domain names for sale from Sedo's website. Not easy seeing how they have a few hundred thousand at that price. I linked them to all there for sale pages so if people buy them I get $25. LOL I think people would really fine this fun. Thanks
I wish the prices to lease commercial buildings would start going down faster! In my city every other building is up for rent and there still trying to get the same high prices. Pretty soon there is not going to be any stores left.
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Jun 5, 2010
Some end users make cool websites then they come up with some weird domain name for them. Like neat site hard name to remember. I break it up, rental ic .com. What is ic? Any ideas for a better name for this site? Maybe :)
owntheorgs 5 post up^ You can easily become rich, enjoy your free time way too much and become poor again! Then have to work hard all over. lol
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Jun 4, 2010