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"Pelline is a self promoter who would very likely not be even handed about what businesses and events would be featured." My understanding of the gig is that it's about maintaining the site, while the content comes from the various chambers. I took a quick peek at gonevadacounty-dot-com and that's sure what it looks like. I defer to Ted Owens on this:
Sounds like you're channeling Bob Schieffer. Michael A.
I would like to discuss the moral turpitude of sending AIM-9 Sidewinders (hello Contras!) and a lovely cake, delivered by one Oliver North, to the Iranians during a very different time and place. Perhaps this is what's driving Paul's jihad against the Koch bros.
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2011 on Both payroll tax bills stink at Rebane's Ruminations
George, I think this story deserves a close watch. I am frankly flabbergasted that an organization with Stratfor's cred did not adequately encrypt the database which contained their customer credit cards. I almost begin to wonder if this is a setup to catch some of the Anonymous denizens. A Stratfor honeypot, as it were. But that's equally stupid, and doesn't pass Occam's Razor. As you said, we shall see. In the meantime, the Internet continues to circle the rabbit hole of a dark future. I won't go into the various corporate and criminal assaults here, but let's just say that the Internet of today will not be anything like the Internet our great-great grandchildren will experience. If I was H.G. Wells perhaps I could tell you how this cyber battle between the Haves and the Have-nots will work itself out. Maybe the proliferation of global Dear Leaders in 2012 will give us a clue (I view the news footage of today's funeral march in North Korea as a disturbing harbinger). Over and out... Michael A.
Hey George, Wonder if you have any comment on the recent Stratfor compromise: I'd be interested to hear your views. Michael A.
Better!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who troll these environs! Life is beautiful...
Toggle Commented Dec 25, 2011 on Christmas 2011 at Rebane's Ruminations
Russ wrote: "They feel a need for a CNSF to protect their butts when they grab control of the government can declare the Constitution null and void in our New World Socialistic Nation." Is InfoWars taking over this blog? I sure hope not... Merry Christmas everyone! (grassyknoll911protocolselderszionbilderbergroup trilateralcommissionmoonlandinghoaxroswellbigpharma)
I can see the both sides of this. The Republican congressman from Utah is challenging Republican senators on this bill. The Republican senators are on vacation now. It appears the Utah congressman is being a citizen congressman on this issue and I applaud him for it. It might come at great cost to him personally -- vacations are sacrosanct. Democratic senators and congresspeople are hoping the spotlight will stay on the Republican imbroglio -- they also don't want anyone messing with their vacations. I think Obama made a good political play by focusing on vacations. Let's see how it works itself out. Michael Anderson
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2011 on Both payroll tax bills stink at Rebane's Ruminations
George, The login requirement is a good first step. Do that first and see where it takes you. But Typepad will have to go away eventually as we have discussed previously, IMHO. Michael A.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2011 on Administrivia - RR hacked at Rebane's Ruminations
Sorry notsaying, my oldest son attended the Nevada County Sierra College campus and it's a lot more than just MS Word and pottery. He aced his Gen Ed classes at a very reasonable cost, and was able to transfer into a California state college with most of his units intact because our campus has great credentials. Having a strong post-K12 educational system has been shown to be one of the key indicators of a strong local economy, especially in outlier communities like ours. Sorry, we need to keep growing the Sierra College campus. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one.
Russ, Thank you for your very interesting reply. Yes, the federal mandate seems like it could be a problem for flexibility, especially when those funds begin to dry up (due either to shifting of funding mandates or reduced federal spending overall on bus transit). I do know that Telecare was forced to cut its Saturday service entirely in the summer of 2009 for lack of funding; it would be crazy if no GPS jitneys were allowed to operate on Saturday, for example, because of those federal regulations. You ask, how do we get the federal rules changed? Let's ask the folks at Telecare, maybe they already have thought up a solution, since they're the ones who are most affected by the present chaos. I happen to agree with Jeff Ackerman and others--yourself included, apparently--that ad hoc jitneys would be a great solution for public transit in Nevada County. Fast Taxi is doing this for single passengers, and maybe even they could come up with a business model where vehicles aggregate passengers at a cheaper taxi fare. "You pay a little less and it takes a little longer, but you get there in one piece and you're not at the wheel!" OK, lame attempt at a tag line...
Welcome to We Can Work Together. Do you think we can? Do you want to try? Are you done yelling? I am... Let's see what we can come up with together. Continue reading
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