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BRAVA, Zoe! Beautiful, soul-touching lessons torn from a sad day.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2013 on USA v Choi at OnLine With Zoe
"has lived much of her professional life as an out lesbian"????? With all due respect, IN WHAT PARALLEL UNIVERSE? As I recall, she didn't confirm to anyone in the press that she's gay until 11 years ago. And any "well, everyone knew anyway" is so much insulting, disingenuous self-justification. It wasn't just "too cheesy" [????] TIME magazine, but her close personal friend Vito Russo, of "Celluloid Closet" fame, who was urging her to come out over three decades ago. Don't get me wrong, there's MUCH to admire about Ms. Tomlin, and I wish her nothing but the best. But rewriting history serves no one. Thank you.
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Yes, with respect, your title is unintentionally misleading as, if I read correctly, the order only applies to federal agencies abroad in relation to what they experience there. Mr. President, heal thyself. There are MAJOR things you could do for LGBT equality at home WITHOUT Congressional approval from ordering that the federal government not do business with any company that does not have LGBT nondiscrimination policies to ordering the Pentagon to include gay & lesbian service members under the Military Equal Opportunity Program AND extend to gay military couples ALL benefits not banned by DOMA such as access to military family housing AND permit open service by those transgender AND simply, unequivocally endorsing marriage equality. Thank you.
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The URL to the photo of Tolson's grave near Leonard's doesn't seem to be working. Let's try:
In addition to agreeing with the concerns of Charles Francis [lots of "deeply serious filmmakers" have treated gays abysmally in their work, and, Oscar notwithstanding, Black's grasp of historical gay truth has already been proven lacking], I respectfully challenge the statement that Tolson was Hoover's "longtime partner" in the romantic/sexual sense. I happen to BELIEVE he was, but I've yet to see any documentation, and this is not the kind of "a priori truth" that serves us well. Recently, a well-known gay activist who is a hero to me wrote on his blog that the two are "buried side-by-side" which is a myth no less true for its popularity. There is an amusing incontrovertible gay connection to their graves. Anti gay military ban pioneer Leonard Matlovich [Kameny was the inspiration and mentor for his challenge to the Air Force] chose the location for his own grave in Washington's Congressional Cemetery in the same row as Tolson and Hoover. Hoover is several yards down in a small, fenced-in family plot while Tolson is only four graves from Leonard's iconic gravesite. Tolson's is identified by the pink [!] stone in the photo at: It was but one of the reasons Leonard chose Congressional over Arlington [Peter Doyle, Walt Whitman's great love, is also buried in the former], but he often laughed imagining the outrage of various FBI Troglodytes when, in their pilgrimage to Hoover's and Tolson's graves, they read Leonard's epitaph: "A Gay Vietnam Veteran - When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one." In any case, while Frank is likely only to have been able to repeat hearsay about Hoover and Tolson, it's marvelous that a star of DiCaprio's standing wanted to hear directly the great man's own encounters with the FBI. PS: an article about the at least BFFs in a 1953 edition of "ONE" is thought to have led to the magazine's first trouble with the Postal Service, which in turn led to a precedent-setting Supreme Court free speech ruling. The following is an excerpt of an interview with the late Jim Kepner in "Making History" by Eric Marcus: "That article attracted the interest of the FBI. Much later, through the Freedom of Information Act, we found a note from Hoover to Tolson, which I have a copy of somewhere in storage, saying, 'We've got to get these bastards'. There was also a note to the post office from Hoover urging them to check into ONE. At the same time as the seizure, the FBI showed up at ONE's office wanting to know who had written the article about Hoover. They also came to visit me a couple of times and visited most members of the staff. One of the FBI agents sat right there in that chair. I was nervous; it was a tense situation. They asked me if a couple of members of the staff were Communists, and I hooted and said that they were very conservative. They were. I probably shouldn't have even told them that. I did say that I had been a member of the Communist party and that I had been kicked out for being gay. They wanted me to name people I had known in the Party and what they did. I owed no thanks to the Party for kicking me out, but I would not give information about individuals who were in the Party, whom I still respected." - Michael Bedwell
Ah, AP hack Anne Flaherty, the dependable shill for the homohating dinosaurs in the Pentagon's Jurassic Park, spreading her manure again masquerading as objective news reporting. But the larger point is that LGBTs should JOIN anyone condemning this study...which contrary to this particular cabal and the self-delusions of most gays will not necessarily SUPPORT repeal...because at BEST it's a repeal stalling tactic by phony repeal advocate Gates until after midterms when repeal will become a dead letter. SNAP OUT OF IT PEOPLE! - Michael Bedwell
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