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Hi All, I'd heard there was a problem with Snow Leopard and Epson printers. I lost nearly a week (not being able to print) once before when upgrading, so have been holding off until the problem was sorted out. I have an R2400. Does anyone know anymore about this?
Can you get into biking at age 52? In Wisconsin, where the roads are covered with ice for, seems like, ten out of every 12 months?
Nicely written; perfect closure. I'll have to remember that one....
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2009 on The Digimat at The Online Photographer
I think there is more substance in Martins defense than others do, but it is buried in some mind-numbing verbosity. Martins is Portuguese, so perhaps some of that is the result of non-native English usage, or perhaps in his culture written expression tends more toward story and digression than thesis-based argument and exposition. In any event, of what I read (and I did not make it all the way through), the most interesting statement, as far as a defense goes, was in the middle of the second section: "I did not present the work as something it wasn't nor did I obscure or conceal the relevant constructions and originals." If in fact he was up front about the work, and especially if the Times had access to the RAW files or original jpegs, then this becomes a different, and more complicated, issue.
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Hi James: I agree about producing a square image sensor, but why have the camera crop the image for you? Use the whole sensor when taking the photograph, get as much information as possible in the field, then crop in software. I, too, liked not having to deal with the portrait/landscape question when using my older TLR. As far as newthink is concerned, the S2 may not be as radical as I would like to see. I still think of Sony's F828 with its articulating lens and different (from an SLR, anyway) physical form, and wish they had continued down that road (as I do concerning the R1, but that's another story). I also wonder about the new (and hopefully soon-to-be-relesed) Red Scarlet and Epic cameras. An interesting modular approach, and also a very different physical form, at least for an old still photographer (maybe old-hat for videographers). Still the S2 is a step in a new direction, and I applaud any and all such attempts. As Mill said, we need diversity and experimentation. Those companies that have the guts to try, something that in business can be disastrous, deserve accolades, big wet kisses, and our trade, when we can afford it. Still, the S2 is currently the camera of my dreams--and likely to stay there. Though, perhaps I should say to anyone who is feeling generous and would like to give me an S2 and some lenses, you would get a huge "Thank You" and I would blow big wet kisses at you--from a significant distance, of course.
Funny. You're right, several of the "wrong" photographs are more interesting than the "right" photographs. I'm rather fond of #54, myself.
Jazz, of the Ctein school. Odd this question came up. I hate questions like this, being forced to asses value in this way. Nonetheless, I've been thinking about this very thing lately--actually the more prosaic form: desert island, can only take {insert small number here} albums.... I knew I'd have to take Davis's "Sketches of Spain." And also Memelsdorff's and Staier's "Delight in Disorder" (recorder and harpsichord). Then would come Mozart's Clarinet Concertos (the Michael Collins/Mikhail Pletnev version) and Handel's "Water Music"--no, wait, maybe Konitz's "Another Shade of Blue" instead of the Handel. And since 5 is usually the smallest number I'll confine myself to, I'd finish up with either Elias's "The Prayer Cycle" or Wiese's "el-Hadra." If I'm feeling generous, I'd through in a few more up-tempo things (MMW?, Gutpuppet?, harmonica blues?, too many options here), something I could dance to. Hey, it's a deserted island, nobody's going to see me. BTW, does this ever bother you? I mean, you throw out a perfectly good, well considered question for user response, and then we change it (well, some of us do) into something we find more comfortable, like better, or is a better fit with what we've been thinking about, and that is usually less interesting as a result. Clods. It isn't our blog, after all. Maybe the dark side of automatic blogging.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2009 on OT: Music Question at The Online Photographer
Martin, You're probably right, but sometimes even aspects that we can't directly detect can have an affect on the whole experience. Fuller's synergistics, perhaps. Maybe parts we can't "hear" are still having an affect on what we "feel." I don't think we can always know what will produce a "better" experience until we try. So I applaud the experiment. Of course, even if it doesn't have any effect, they'll still market the damn thing.
Toggle Commented May 16, 2009 on Musical Notes (OT) at The Online Photographer