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Flanigan... my man. Still waiting for the album to drop. Did I miss it :) ? There was a song you wrote with a lyric something like "you came... like the morning". Or some such. Miss that song. I love reading Glenn's stuff. Second Hand Jesus should be required reading for every American believer.
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One of the best things I have read on a long time. I tend to align with the "missional" or reformed, or historical camp. But I see it not "in order to" reach people and thus we are missional. But rather "because of" Christ, His cross, and his kingdom we gather his elect together to worship and be formed as a body. "But for centuries, the Church Fathers have told us that how we worship actually shapes our faith," - So when we are formed by smoke, lights, and a great personality telling us what we should do, what is the consequence? Do we hear the proclamation of the gospel and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Or are we emotionally engaged by a great personality and amazing band? The church has unintentionally becomely incredibly pragmatic. If we are reaching people and posting great salvation numbers on facebook then we win right? But what if we are not winning? What the means actually creates a completely different end and instead gathers converts that then become dechurched under the weight of their sin not realizing the full measure of the gospel and the grace offered to them. If that realization is formed in community, how is that expressed in a 23 minute sermon? I'm all for creativity... but somebody on the creative team has to be a theologian.
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I would consider myself reformed. I'm having trouble finding some of the dividing differencs. Piper would argue that Wright is altering the doctrine of justification at its core. However, in reading pieces from both sides, I tend to agree with this statement by Glenn... "I’m not sure that the difference between being declared righteous because of our incorporation with Christ rather than because of His righteousness being imputed to us makes that much of difference to the believer: either way we stand righteous before God because of Christ." Either way it is about God fulfilling His covenant with man FOR God. HEB 11 right. Jesus is the great high priest. He's the point of the big story; we get to play. As to the swiping comment about "stealing grace" by Eric. I don't think any well informed Reformed believer would make that statement. Sproul even says that post regeneration is synergism, just that we are kept and enabled by the spirit to sanctification. He who begins completes, etc. We would simply argue the monergist position with regard to regeneration before faith. Maybe I miss many of the nuances, but as a 5 pointer, none of the NPP really just punch me in the gut yet. I quite enjoy the 1st century perspective. I'm just glad Glenn writes in a way I can get it :)
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