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Ed - thanks for the insights. Your comment about lining up the right people in advance is a great one. When creating business models, projections and exec summaries, etc. one needs to use something relevant but, I agree, you cannot predict the future. I looked at the Webex model, which is well documented online in investment evaluation docs, and estimated the LinkedIn adoption model. The Webex model is scarey fast and to most investors laughable. However when extrapolating the growth trend for them over time I came up with a similar model for our projection. We did this for 3 reasons a) it is our target audience b) they have a freemium business model 3) they launched an organic promotional method. One can ask how we can be as successful as them but the answer seems to be "If we are successful we will look like this". Also, if you don't plan on being successful then why start in the first place. If you have any further insights on how to guestimate revenue projections for freemium startups I'd love to read about it!
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Apr 6, 2010
I agree with your point that we have only scratched the surface. We are currently interested in the Semantic Web. As definitions of web and other types of content is blurred in cloud and SaaS applications that Semantic Web term can also reach back into the enterprise and documents, drawings, contracts, etc. The challenge to building enough statistical data (requires hundreds of millions of samples) is daunting and we see, like Google, that freemium services are the way to collect aggregate statistical information which can be leveraged, eventually, in AI applications which enable "smart content" which can find its own way to the user. Exciting days!
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Apr 6, 2010