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I guess the question is where exactly is the line? If we decry the indifference that the world has toward epic tragedies (think the Congo, Darfur), then the media is doing humanity a service by getting them emotionally involved with the suffering of others- which has resulted in an outpouring of support by governments and contributions by individuals. However, if this is just a giant media company producing another compelling reality TV show, with victims serving as heart-rending props, then it is true exploitation. This whole discussion hits home as I was with a group of physicians and students trying to provide basic medical care to Haitian refugees and poor Dominicans in the Puerto Plata area near the Haitian/Dominican border just one week before the earthquake. During the trip I took pictures of our work, our patients and the conditions they lived in and made a short movie to help with fund raising for the group I was working with ( see: I'm having a hard time finding the line between what I did- use images and stories of people in desperate need to raise awareness and funds here in the U.S. and what CNN has been doing. We are a small group of family doctors and students working for a fledgling NGO, they are a giant media corporation- is there a difference between their efforts and mine? Where is the line?
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yg, you observed exactly what struck me- these are senators from Wyoming, Iowa, North Dakota, New Mexico, Montana and Maine. I would guess that collectively they represent less than 1% of the American population! Perhaps because they have no constituents to speak of, they are freed from interest group lobbying (how many drug companies or insurance companies are based in North Dakota or Monatana?). To think that this group of prairie dwellers will be writing the outline for the nations healthcare system is frightening. I don't think an emergency room in North Dakota has ever seen a crowd! I also agree with other posters that without a public option, there will be no way to counterbalance the power and clout and greed of healthcare special interests (ie insurance companies, equipment manufactures, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, hospitals etc.).
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I'm having a bit of trouble understanding the "shock and outrage" about the current Israeli offensive being expressed in the Arab world and by posters such as thirdeye pushpin. Lets see, Hamas breaks a ceasefire and fires hundreds of mortars and rockets into Southern Israel, hitting civilian areas. After a week of enduring these attacks, Israel bombs Hamas security targets. How can anyone be surprised? You hit someone much bigger and stronger than you, what kind of delusional thinking makes you surprised when your nose gets flattened? What did Hamas expect when they started this round of attacks? The Jews should just sit and be bombed? I think that history has shown that Jews sitting passively while their enemies try to kill them is not a viable survival strategy. When I look at these photos, I see Hamas gunmen who like to strut around in their war-like costumes, with their war like toys, talking big. But when they try to kill civilians and the government whose responsibility is to protect it's citizens responds to repeated attacks, the Hamas gunmen suddenly seem to think their attacks were a game. It is no game. If they want to protect their families and neighborhoods, they should act like adults and start building a sustainable life based on political compromise, economic development and peace.
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How long can the marketers lead us around by the nose? One day bargains- Hurry, supply limited!! It took Katrina for the nation to open it's eyes to the fact that Emperor Bush had no clothes, when will people see the humiliation in waiting all night for the chance to save a few bucks on some hyper-marketed toy?
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Great idea, count me in. Money is on the way
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