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A belated reply to this, but: On what grounds does a single reported instance of inappropriate loss of temper constitute evidence that someone's judgement and self-reporting about how they have typically been treated should be taken as unreliable? You're right, screaming at strangers is normal
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2017 on She’s Seething With Empowerment at davidthompson
If I were a student I would turn in an old Mr. Dooley essay and claim that was the speech of my people.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2017 on Bad Medicine at davidthompson
"Eh, just like I felt the film held Seb with some degree of skepticism, I think it also gave Legend the room to have a point, that his truth was absolutely true for him." Yeah, I feel like all that's an ironic joke that flies over the head of the audience, apparently. Seb is all about this fantasy of classic jazz in his head, he meets an actual black person who doesn't share it at all and lets him know it's out of date, he finds success and he wants to go back to Mia and say "Hey, I've matured enough to sell out my youthful dreams so we can actually make money and have an adult life with a house and kids," and she rejects him at that point, kind of, and then goes on to her own adult life, and they run into each other... which means she runs into the version of him that she turned away from, and sees what could have been between them. Which, however, doesn't actually happen in the realistic plot of the movie. So basically, those are their implanted memories, and he's a replicant.
"I don't think you're required to like Sarah palin, but you are required to give a reason for disliking her that is more cogent than the simple fact that she's Sarah Palin." Precisely. Hatred of Sarah Palin is some sort of socially acceptable outlet for misogyny, and should be regarded with as much suspicion as anyone who begins an argument with, say, "I have nothing against Jews, but..." It's possible that a good argument is about to follow, but far more likely that ugly, irrational prejudice is about to spew forth-- and ask for your assent to its underlying propositions.
I think Dan Simon has it generally right. There's a movie blogger named Jeffrey Wells who rendered his site all but unbearable with the nastiest, most blinkered lockstep lefty opinionating on Bush, Iraq, etc. He rags on red-staters for being bigots and narrow-minded while he himself is going off about how fat Hispanics laugh too loudly at stupid movies for his refined tastes. (Search Jeffrey Wells and "low thread count" for laughs.) Yet every once in a while he actually finds himself in middle America because of a film festival or a missed flight or whatever and he's absolutely astonished to discover that people are nice, friendly, helpful, not as dumb as he expected, etc. It lasts as long as his flight back to New York and then he's back to berating the heartlands as prejudiced scum who, in the name of all that is decent, need to be rounded up and put in camps.
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Jan 16, 2011